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Nothing takes me back to the 2000s like the good ol’ Jonas Brothers. Their songs were a staple in growing up in the 2000s. I still can confidently recite all the words to all their songs and listen to them occasionally, especially if I’m feeling nostalgic. So you can imagine how excited I was to find out that they are making a comeback! Since the Jonas Brothers released their 2019 hit Sucker, now more than ever is the time to dive deep into our love for the Jonas Brothers. Need to brush up on your Jonas Brothers songs? Here are the top ten most iconic songs by the Jonas Brothers (but keep in mind, all of their songs are quite iconic).

1. S.O.S.

2. When You Look Me In The Eyes

3. Burnin’ Up

4. Tonight

5. Video Girl

6. Just Friends

7. Play My Music

8. I Wan’na Be Like You

9. Keep It Real

10. Lovebug





Hannah Newman

Millersville '20

Hannah Newman is a senior at Millersville University, studying Early Childhood Education with an integrative STEM methods minor. She has been writing for Her Campus for over two years, and is loving being the president of such an awesome chapter.
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