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The Top 10 Comfort Foods to Get You Through the Semester

Home is where the heart is. But, in a lot more cases, home is where the stomach is. There isn’t anything that a home cooked meal couldn’t do. Everyone has their own recipes and favorites, but here is a list of comfort foods that are always a solid pick me up!


  1. Mac and Cheese. You can NEVER go wrong with not only pasta, but pasta covered in love and happiness. Whether it is a nostalgic box of craft or baked in the oven with a bread crumb crust, you can’t help but eat it and feel a warmth inside.
  2. Chicken Noodle Soup. Best consumed out of a mug while cuddled on a couch with a Disney movie playing. This was a food I could always count on to make whatever sickness go away. But really, any soup is good comfort food!
  3. Breakfast for Dinner. There was something about this that seemed so wrong but that’s what made it taste so right. The taste of pancakes, bacon, eggs, and sausage for some reason was significantly better after 5pm. Make sure you do not forget the hash browns!
  4. Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets. Enough said. Dino Nugs.
  5. Tater Tots. Taters in the shape of tots are the best kind of tater. Nobody ever really makes tater tots unless you are a mother of three cooking for your child’s sleepover. Or Sonic.
  6. Breyers Ice Cream, Specifically Mint Chocolate Chip. When I was younger and had anxiety about going to school, mom would always serve ice cream for breakfast because mint is supposed to calm your stomach. Ice cream, no matter the flavor, could you bring you back to the best of times as a kid. It is always a solid choice to seek comfort. Unless you are lactose intolerant, be careful not to poop yourself.
  7. A Good Sandwich. No matter when you come home, and you complain about being hungry, about every guardian has said to me, “You could make yourself a sandwich?” There is never a fridge without lunch meat. Ever. Like it is never ending bologna and cheese at every house. But a good sandwich with a side of chips and a crunchy pickle hits the spot.
  8. Casserole. Every family has their own casserole they make. Broccoli and cheese, green bean, cheesy potato, etc. And each casserole is unique to the family. If Buzzfeed were to come out with a “We Can Guess Your Personality Based on your Family Casserole,” it would be ridiculously accurate.
  9. Pie. Grandmom’s favorite recipe. And like casserole, the flavor of a family recipe is always changing. It could be chicken pot pie, pecan, blueberry, and my favorite, apple. And with maximum comfort, add a scoop of ice cream.
  10. Warm, Melty Cookies. Those cookies you just pull out of the oven, you go to spatula them off the hot pan and they bend as you pick them up because they are still so soft. THOSE COOKIES. Chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter, oatmeal raison, any fresh out of the oven cookie is the best cookie. And they always taste better coming out of your oven at home.


It is really hard in college to create your home away from home. Nothing can compare to old family recipes. But hopefully these comfort food ideas will help you get through these last few weeks before summer is in full swing.

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