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Three Things That Make Me Mad During Spring and How To Deal With Them

I hate winter more than anything. I have such a hard time dealing with the snow, cold, and gray skies, and I count down to warm spring weather the whole time. However, as great at spring is, there are a few downsides. Here are the 3 biggest things about spring that make me mad and how I deal with them.

Number 1: Allergies.

This is by far the most annoying one. If you’re anything like me, you have crazy bad seasonal allergies that last from the second anything starts to bloom all the way until the second everything dies. As much as I love spring, I hate the constant itching and sneezing that comes with it.

Over-the-counter allergy medication becomes my best friend. I also tend to wear minimal makeup during this time of the year so that it doesn’t irritate my eyes (and so I’m not smudging makeup all over my face).

Number 2: The cold-in-the-morning and warm-in-the-afternoon weather.

We’ve all been there. You’re walking to your 9am class and it’s so cold. You’re wearing a jacket and still cold, and you’re missing your winter gloves so much in that moment. But by the time lunch rolls around you’re sweating. The temperature seems to rise in an instant in the spring and somehow I always end up uncomfortable when I’m outside.

My solution to this is layers. I am the queen of layers, especially in the spring. I’m always wearing a short sleeve shirt under a long sleeve shirt and sometimes I even throw on a jacket on top of that. Layering your clothes will be your best friend during the spring when temperatures throughout the day can vary so much.

Number 3: Bugs.

The last thing that makes me mad about spring is the reemergence of bugs. I know that many bugs are good for the plants and environment, but that still doesn’t mean I want them crawling or flying all around me when I’m trying to enjoy the nice weather.

To avoid creepy crawlies on me, I will usually use a bug spray or citronella candle/bracelet to keep them away. I spray myself and any blankets I may be sitting on with a light layer so that any bugs interested in me or my snacks might stay away.  I also try to avoid any perfume-y lotions and other products which can attract some insects.

I know I can’t be the only one who struggles with these things during spring, so I hope my little tips could help you too as we hang in there waiting for summer!


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Nicole Carrera


I'm currently a junior at Millersville majoring in Broadcasting and minoring in Women and Gender Studies. Besides that I love photography, music, dogs, and coffee. When I'm not writing for Her Campus I'm a DJ for Millersville's radio station or I'm binging my favorite shows on Netflix. 
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