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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Millersville chapter.

I wrote three poems as a part of a scholarship contest that I never actually won. Despite poetry being something I will never understand and don’t think I’ll be good at; I did it anyway. I wrote three poems that I actually think are really great and want to share them with you. The first prompt was “Slam on Gun Control” and it was a poem aimed at my dad who was very pro-gun rights while I am not. The second prompt was about growing up. It came from the lens of one child turning into an adult. The third prompt was about growing love and it is a recent one.

That Could’ve Been Me

“Support my rights,” you say

“I do, but I want to live another day.”

The fear and panic has begun.

It’s not a drill, our time is done.

Silence, tears, texts and calls.

Some will live and some will fall. 

We had to practice but we weren’t ready.

Now the gun aims at us steady.

“How could this happen,” I ask. 

Gun Control was the only task.

Hundreds lie and even more die.

Your rights caused him his life.

A second amendment is now a second cause.

Imagine your child dead because you wanted your laws.

It could’ve been me.

It shouldn’t have been them.

We’ll never see, because this was their end.

It could’ve been me dad.

One day you’ll see.

We have to control,

or lose sight of the goal.

Keep the youth alive,

they cannot die.



1 Child 2 Adult

The day is bright.

The night is dark.

Time seems to stop in the arms of my mother,

Yet all I dream of now is my lover.

I once was a small seed,

Now I am a flower growing with need.

The world has changed from night to day,

And growing up is the only way.

There is one way to go and that is up.

How in the world did I screw that up.

Once I was small,

I tried to handle it all.

The small doubts that I had,

I should have been glad.

Exploring all day in the park,

Now I work ’till it’s dark. 

1 was a child never at fault.

2 was a child stuck as an adult.

I grew in the day,

Now I live in the night.

Growing Love

The days grow long,

But our time has been short.

You always are there to ask me “what’s wrong?”

When I wake up, it is you that I want to support.

You always listen to me sing my favorite songs,

Even when it’s bad and laughing is the last resort.

Our time together is measured as we go along.

My feelings are not to be sold short,

Because it takes time to not get it wrong.

Love is not something to distort,

I know one day it will be nice and strong.

My love for you is like my passport,

Ready for more adventures that are lifelong.

There you have it! There are three poems that I wrote. I am a fan of classic rhyme and not so in your face meanings. Poetry really isn’t my thing, but I have grown to love it over time.



Cecilia Arvelo

Millersville '22

Cecilia is a Senior at Millersville University. She is a Secondary Education major concentrated in Social Studies. In her free time, she loves to read, watch movies, drive around and explore. She loves writing for Her Campus, being a part of Campus Trendsetters, and exploring all of Her Campus's opportunities.
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