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These Are a Few of My (Fall) Favorite Things …

Going to penn state football games with my dad

We all know it isn’t fall without football! I have been going to PSU games with my dad since before I can remember. We always tailgate, eat chicken finger baskets, and sneak into the student section in the last quarter. I love making memories with my dad in Happy Valley because I know we both cherish them.

pumpkin picking

Cheesy, I know. I love walking through pumpkin patches and finding the perfect sized pumpkin. Everything about a farmers market and a pumpkin patch screams fall to me. Extra points if they have apple cider donuts!

watching fall episodes of gilmore girls

If you know anything about me, you know I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls for roughly six years now. I can’t say I have a favorite episode, but all of the fall episodes set the tone for the season. The small town of Stars Hollow is always decorated and the music just makes it perfect. These episodes are best watched on a couch, under a blanket, with candles burning.

Coffee on the porch

Something about drinking hot coffee on a cool morning hits different. I love sitting on my porch at home because it has a beautiful view of the valley. Mornings at home are slow and quiet. When I’m at school, I settle for my coffee on the steps of my house. The vibe of the cool morning still works for me.


It isn’t fall weather if there isn’t a bonfire involved! I am a sucker for s’mores and bonfires. I love sitting my them with friends wrapped up in blankets. Something about sitting by a fire is so relaxing to me!

coffee dates

Obviously I need to go to every coffee shop in Lancaster City and see what their fall menus are. I will drink nay fall drink, but my favorite is anything with cinnamon! My fall favorite right now is the hot cinnamon bun latte with almond milk from New Holland Coffee Co. I love meeting with friends to do homework or sharing some quality time with my boyfriend.

going to my hometown

I LOVE my hometown in the fall! I am from a small town that is full of trees and fields. When all of the colors change it is red and orange all around. Everyone has pumpkins and fall decorations on their porches. My mom had exceptional decorating skills when it comes to fall. The front door is covered in fall leaves and the house always smells like a pumpkin Yankee candle. She always has festive dishes on the counter that are full of fall candies. Fall is my favorite season to visit my hometown.


Hiking in the cool, crisp air of fall is so refreshing! It is nice to bundle up and hit the trails to clear my head. My boyfriend and I love hiking in the fall because all of the leaves are orange and red. When you reach the top of the mountain, the view is incredible with all of the fall foliage. Hiking in the fall is also relaxing because you can hear the leaves crunch beneath your feet.

These are only a few of my favorite fall activities. I hope this list gives you a few ideas if your list is falling short! Enjoy your fall season and stay healthy! If you need me, you can find me bundled up in a coffee shop.

HCXO, Laura

Laura Sheaffer

Millersville '21

My name is Laura Sheaffer and I am a senior at MU! I am a Speech Communications major with an option in Public Relations and minors in English, Writing Studies, Creative Writing & Publishing. I am active in Expressions Dance where I hold the position of the lyrical teacher and the public relations manager. I have been dancing for 18 years and love that I get to continue my passion at college. I am a personal trainer and a fitness instructor here at Millersville. When I'm not dancing or at the gym, you can find me at the library or a cute coffee shop! In my free time I enjoy reading, running and hiking.
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