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I graduate college tomorrow. I GRADUATE COLLEGE TOMORROW!!!!

I could type out that sentence over and over again and it still would not feel real. This week has been full of emotions, endings, lasts, tears, smiles, and everything in between that leads to tomorrow simply not feeling real.

Tomorrow I leave behind my dance career, my dearest younger friends (y’all know who you are), my campus job I’ve had for four years, late night Sheetz runs, sleepovers, and Wednesday nights at Jacks. I leave behind 5:45 am shifts, belting Taylor Swift in the car, walks on campus, and studying in my favorite room at the library.

Tomorrow I can no longer say “pick you up in 5”, “let’s grab coffee”, or “see you at dance” to my favorite people.

Tomorrow, with a full heart, I say goodbye to living with my roommate and best friend. I say goodbye to our wine nights, sleepovers, beyond messy living room, and The Parent Trap playing on repeat.

Tomorrow I hug some of my friends goodbye, not knowing when I will see them next.

Tomorrow I cross the stage and enter an entire new era of my life.

But, tomorrow, I am recognized for all of my accomplishments. I spent four years at Millersville absolutely busting my butt to graduate Cum Laude, excel in my extracurriculars, and build my writing portfolio. Tomorrow I am able to say that I officially earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communications with an option in Public Relations and minors in English, Writing Studies, and Creative Writing and Publishing.

Tomorrow I walk across the stage and make my parents proud.

Tomorrow I will be surrounded by the love of my family, boyfriend, and best friends.

Tomorrow I start a new journey that is exhilarating, terrifying, unknown, and exciting.

Tomorrow college is just a series of memories, but ones that I will hold close to me and cherish forever.

Tomorrow I graduate college. TOMORROW I GRADUATE COLLEGE!!!!

For today, I am thankful beyond words. For my friends, my family, Expressions, my job, and everything in between. I’m thankful for these four years and everything that they have both put me through and given me. I am thankful for such a hard goodbye, because I know that I have loved deeply and am loved unconditionally.

Today, I am signing off one last time. Thanks for following along with me, y’all.


Laura Sheaffer

Laura Sheaffer

Millersville '21

My name is Laura Sheaffer and I am a senior at MU! I am a Speech Communications major with an option in Public Relations and minors in English, Writing Studies, Creative Writing & Publishing. I am active in Expressions Dance where I hold the position of the lyrical teacher and the public relations manager. I have been dancing for 18 years and love that I get to continue my passion at college. I am a personal trainer and a fitness instructor here at Millersville. When I'm not dancing or at the gym, you can find me at the library or a cute coffee shop! In my free time I enjoy reading, running and hiking.