Teen Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for those who celebrate it. For kids it can mean a night of fun costumes of their favorite people and a year’s worth of candy. For adults, well, it means more advanced things I can’t endorse. Halloween has it all except there is one group that is left out: teenagers. Being a teen can mean that your time for trick-or-treating is coming to an end, but it shouldn’t. Teenagers are still kids at heart, and they want free candy too. I was a senior in high school the final time I went out for some candy. I felt so much joy running around developments, going house to house and filling up my plastic pumpkin. The feeling of going back to a friend’s house and spilling our goodies on the floor then trading was the highest type of business and credit that I knew how to do. Those were the times that I felt like I needed free candy the most. With college applications surrounding my mind, I knew that my time was almost up. It would be my last Halloween and my last chance to make my stash of candy last. The next year the only free candy I would get would be from my RA.

Not only do I love dressing up in costumes, but I love seeing everyone else dressed up too. I don’t like the adult versions of Halloween. Little kids love seeing big kids in costumes because they don’t know yet that it doesn’t last forever. I love seeing a little Anna and Elsa or Spiderman or some obscure costume on a child. Kids seriously have the coolest costume ideas in the world. Teenagers can be a little lazy, but trust me when I say I love no holiday more than Halloween. I was sad when I missed the parade in my town this year. That parade is the only other chance I have of getting any candy. Everyone just throws candy in all directions, so it is socially acceptable to run and literally take candy from a baby. Then why it is not acceptable for people my age to go door-to-door? I don’t know the answer to that. I surveyed two of my friends still in high school, and two of my friends in college who are the same age as me. The response to the question “do you think it’s socially unacceptable for teens (13-18) to go trick-or-treating?” was 50% yes and 50% no. 'No' because there is no age limit to fun, free candy, and they are still kids. One said, “Do most people do it? No, but it is not frowned upon.” For the yes’s, it was because it is seen as something only little kids do, which is valid. For the no’s they argued that it is still fun to go out and get candy while you can.

I think that teenagers should still be allowed to go trick-or-treating. Obviously, there are no known laws in place stopping them, however there are adults and peers stopping them. I think it is totally cool if a teen wants to go out and get some candy. I am 19 and I want to go out and get some candy. Halloween is literally the only holiday made for every person and every age group. Teenagers should still go out and do their thing and get some free candy while they can.

And that's all I have to say about that. 

HCXO, Cecilia 


Happy Spooky Season! 

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