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Tarot Readings for the Signs – the Month Ahead

Take a peek at the upcoming month and what you should be focusing on with this short reading. Tarot is a form of cartomancy, or card reading, used to project the future and gain insight into yourself and situations surrounding you. Even though I am writing these readings in September of 2019, know that whenever it is you are finding these readings is when you are meant to see them and that this reading is for you in your situation now, no matter how many others have read it. A note about Tarot: Tarot is a tool for guidance, not concrete answers, and it does not bind you to any action. If you don’t like what the cards say, try to prove them wrong – sometimes that’s the purpose of the message they present to you.  These cards are only a tool for insight – your actions are your own responsibility.  


The Star Reversed, The Page of Wands, The Magician

There are a lot of messages and lessons coming your way this month Aries, but also a strong potential to miss out on important and life-changing opportunities. Keep your eyes open and try to absorb as much as you can. “Yes” is your key word this month, as the Universe is bringing new and exciting possibilites your way you just have to trust yourself to take them. This is a time of growth and change, so try to let go of your fears and anxieties that have held you back in the past and take a leap of faith. You have great skill and intelligence, so make sure you are applying them towards these areas of growth and change. Maintain your integrity and your values, but also keep an open mind as you enter this new chapter.


The High Priestess, The Six of Pentacles Reversed, The Star Reversed

Your intuition and unconscious mind are in overdrive this month Taurus! Trust your instincts this month and look into taking some time for self-reflection. As an earth sign you are often well grounded in reality and earthly matters, but this month is a time to shed some of those more basic focuses and instead turn your mind inward towards more lofty ideas. Search yourself – where do you need growth? What do you need right now that you are denying yourself? Pay attention to your dreams and other products of your unconscious, there may be important messages there. Despite this great potential for higher-self and soul searching, there may be some potential for things like negativity, grudges, and pettiness to hold you back. Allow yourself to sort through what it is that you still need and what sorts of anger or resentment you can let go of. You may find that engaging in service of others or taking care of those around you leads to great personal breakthroughs this month.


The Eight of Cups, The Ace of Wands Reversed, The Fool Reversed

You also have change coming this month, Gemini, but it will most likely begin with loss, frustration, or complications. You may find that people are not who you thought they were, that your plans are falling off the rails, or that tasks are harder for you to complete than usual. Following this difficulty though Gemini, you have the opportunity to distance yourself from these negative influences and to find new people, new goals, and new territory. A move or physical trip just to get away for a while might not be a bad idea this month, as it may help you clear your head. Allow yourself to start fresh and leave behind those things or people which have fallen through. Do not throw caution to the wind however – your desire to hit restart may leave you willing to jump into things without properly weighing all the options. Still take time to make the best move for you and your future, no matter how quickly you may want to leave your present situation.


The Hanged Man, The World Reversed, The Page of Wands Reversed

As a water sign, you run the risk of being very emotionally vulnerable this month, Cancer. You may find yourself giving too much away to others or being taken advantage of. This may leave you without the time or energy to dedicate to your own projects and passions, leaving you feeling drained and unfulfilled. Stay alert and pay attention to the balance in your relationships this month – are you getting as much from friends, family, and significant others as you are giving to them? In your emotionally vulnerable state, you may find imbalance in relationships particularly damaging this month. You may find your focus scattered and your tasks unfinished. Don’t hold onto bad habits and relationships just because they’ve always been there. If these things are fading, let them go and do not fight this change. Everything in life has its seasons and cycles, let what is no longer serving you go. If it is meant to it will come back around.


The Chariot Reversed, The Queen of Cups, The Lovers

Your cards this month speak to balance, emotions, and control, Leo. As a fire sign, you have strong passions and the drive to achieve your goals, but you need to be careful that you are not sacrificing relationships in order to achieve them. Focus this month on letting your softer side out – you don’t have to be the lion all the time, it’s ok to be a lap cat now and then. Seek emotional openness in your relationships and talk to your partners, friends, and family about maintaining a balance between work/school and them. Reach out and ask them what they have been needing from you that perhaps you haven’t noticed with how busy you’ve been. Remember that it is ok to slow down sometimes in order to regain control and balance in your life.


Temperance, The Magician, The Queen of Pentacles 

This is a month of great relationship building for you, Virgo. If you have been thinking about starting a relationship, reaching out to estranged family members, spending more time with family, or starting a family, now is absolutley the time to do it. You are able to see things clearly and practically, and can be a rock for others in an unstable world. People may look to you this month for comfort and advice, maybe even for lodging, food, or finances. You radiate responsibility and are balancing your life well. An already practical sign, a lot of things are falling into place for you right now as you juggle all the different aspects of your life. Your desires and goals are well defined and you are ready to embark on new and healthy relationships. If you are looking to have a child, know that you are prepared and levelheaded enough for this new chapter. Other new beginnings in relationships should also see added success and stability this month.


The Knight of Pentacles Reversed, The Knight of Swords Reversed, The King of Cups

Where Virgo has things in balance, you, Libra, need to focus on restabilizing your life. At the moment you are primarily making decisions with your heart instead of your head, and it is throwing things off course for you. You are making impulsive decisions and may find yourself stuck in patterns of bad habits or even addiction. Certain aspects of your life like school or work may be making you feel stagnant, causing you to lash out when you have free time because you feel so bored the rest of the time. Active, decisive, and logical action is needed at this time. It’s time to reevaluate what you want from life and where your current decisions are leading you. If you feel stuck in a rut with your job or your education, perhaps a change of career or academic path is needed. Consider if how you are spending your free time is also conducive to your life goals and is really making you happy, or just getting you by. Seek help from others in readjusting your lifestyle to fit your long-term goals and return the balance to scales.


The Four of Wands Reversed, The Five of Cups, The Five of Wands Reversed

In this month there is conflict brewing beneath the surface of your relationships, Scorpio, but you are leaving it unaddressed. You may think that by avoiding conflict or letting others do what they want because it makes them happy is saving these relationships, but it is actually holding all parties involved back from being able to move forward. If you don’t address the situation, no solutions can be found and there is no opportunity for reconciliation or forgiveness. Instead, animosity will just brew until it boils over and damages the relationship for good. By airing your grievances, you give each other the opportunity to get all the bad out in the open, discuss it and move forward. If you address it now, you may find that the situation is not as dire as you expected or the other person/people are more willing to fix the problem than you realized and you’ve been sitting on this for no reason. Give each other the opportunity to forgive and improve, and your relationship will be stronger in the long run.


The Knight of Swords Reversed, The Ten of Pentacles, The Four of Swords Reversed, The Three of Cups Reversed 

Lucky you Sagittarius with four cards! Two of them stuck together in this reading and they both felt relevant so I decided to include them. There is a lot of high energy present for you this month. You may feel restless or like you aren’t doing enough, while you also have far too much to do already. Stress and anxiety are high this month, as well as your impulsivity. There is a good chance that you have piled too much on your plate and now are suffering the consequences, but for some reason you still feel inadequate. Rest assured – you are enough and you have done enough. You have success and the opportunity for comfort and rest, but you need to open your eyes to see it. By rest however, this doesn’t mean partying and wild nights, but genuine rest and self-care. Take a break from a project or call off for a day. Allow yourself to settle down for a bit and reevaluate. What is most important to you? Where is most of your energy going? Where would you like it to be going? What projects or commitments aren’t as important to you? Weed out what you need and don’t need and try to do some restructuring to rebalance your time. Check back with friends and family, as they may be feeling neglected after this time of high stress for you. It is all going to be ok, you just need to prioritize.


The Six of Cups Reversed, The Ace of Pentacles Reversed, The Queen of Wands

It is time to take control of your life, Capricorn! This month you need to focus on being more assertive and taking an active role in your day-to-day life. You have been living in the past and allowing your life to be run by old habits, but these are not serving you anymore. When these habits cause problems you may slap a quick bandage on the issue but you are not solving the underlying problem. You have the capability to be strong, confident, active and independent, but you cannot let past issues build up and rule your life. Begin searching for new long-term sources of both mental and financial stability. This month is going to be a time of massive maturation and growing up for you, so be ready to take responsibility. This doesn’t mean you need to become hard or emotionless, in fact this transition will allow you to live more fully into the nurturing figure you can be, and will allow you to use your intuition and wit to further yourself in life. So brace yourself, Capricorn, things are about to get very busy.


The Ace of Wands, The Seven of Pentacles Reversed, The Knight of Cups Reversed

This month is all about focus and critical thinking, Aquarius. Recently you may have been feeling like everything in your life is just kind of all over the place and out of control. You may be spending a lot of time and energy on projects that feel like they’re going nowhere – and I hate to say it, but it looks like they very well might be. It’s time to refocus and recenter yourself and your energy on things that will help move you forward in life. Watch out for new people entering your life this month with sweet words and quick fixes – this is not the way to reorganize, and they may not be able to deliver on all their promises. Use your critical thinking here: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Now is not the time to be starting new projects either. Focus on getting done the most important projects and tasks now. Use your head and not your heart in making this determination – you need to think clearly about what these different projects bring into your life. Enlist the help of a friend if you need some further clarity. Overall, look over your life and get rid of extraneous stress. Trust yourself and those who have been with you along the way.


The Ten of Swords Reversed, The King of Swords Reversed, The Four of Pentacles

You have a challenging month ahead of you, Pisces. There is some ending or loss in your life that you are refusing to deal with and acknowledge. You may be trying to deal with it with logic and reasoning, but this is an emotional matter that needs to be worked through. You cannot ignore the pain and hope it goes away. It may seem like this dulls it, but it’s festering just below the surface. Don’t be afraid to seek help from others to deal with this ending or loss. There’s no shame in it, and it will be beneficial to you in the long term. You may find this month that you look towards “retail therapy” instead of actual therapy to deal with this situation. This focus on material goods will not only hurt you financially, but will also push you further away from dealing with the emotional aspects of the problem and may end up alienating you as you seek things over people. Beware of substance abuse this month as well. Reaching out is hard, but further down the line the human connections and emotional labor you do now will be more beneficial and less harmful than turning to things and substances.

No matter what the cards say, it is your actions that determine your future. Choose your words and deeds carefully moving in to the next month, and best wishes for your future. 

HCXO ~Sydney

 I'm currently a junior at Millersville University with a major in International Studies and German and a minor in Government and Political Affairs. Outside of Her Campus I am invovled with Student Government, Society for International Human Rights, and German Club. When I somehow miraculously have free time I usually spend it being a total geek: gaming, watching youtube, watching netflix, you get the gist. Besides all that I also enjoy being creative in a variety of mediums as well as ice skating. I'm looking forward to the next few years at MU and I can't wait to see where it will all take me!
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