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The Stress of March Madness-College Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Millersville chapter.

The first two weeks of March have already caused me so much “madness”! With the semester just about halfway over, the work in my classes is beginning to overwhelm me and stress me out beyond my control. As we all are attempting to finish out the second half of the semester strong, we can’t help but feel stressed with everything that needs to get done. Stress is the WORST when you are trying to be productive, so below are five ways to help manage your stress:

1. Exercise

Exercise is extremely important because it releases hormones that will help to lower your stress! So take a break from all of your classwork and get a 30-60 minute workout in! You don’t have to make it a hardcore workout, even walking on an incline will do wonders for your body. Exercise gives you a break from school work while toning up your body too!

2. Take a break

We all need a little break sometimes, so give yourself one when you feel the stress coming on! Giving yourself a break is good to help your brain recharge for the next study session. Try and give yourself a 15 minute break for every hour you are working, your brain will thank me.

3. Stay organized

Being organized is essential for helping to reduce stress. With all of the work that you will be doing over the next few weeks, you’re bound to forget something if you do not write it down. Look at your syllabi and write down every task that needs to be done. You can organize those tasks into days so that everyday you know what you need to get done!

4. Eliminate procrastination

Procrastination is probably the worst thing you can do for your stress level!! When you wait until the last minute to start a paper or project, then your stress level is going to skyrocket because you are worried about doing it well and fast. Always give yourself an ample amount of time to do every project you have, that way your stress levels remain neutral.

5. Put on music

Whenever I am feeling stressed while working on a project, I login into my Spotify account and put on relaxing background music. My current background music of choice is coffeehouse jazz. The jazz music is very relaxing and does not distract you while you continue to work. Try it out!

I hope this helps you have a less stressful March “Madness”!




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