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Stephanie Lewis, ’14

Stephanie Lewis may seem like your typical college senior, but from my experience, a lunch with her leads to some of the most varied and entertaining conversation topics ever. Lewis came to Millersville from her hometown of Oxford, P.A. to study English; a degree which she eventually plans to use to pursue a career in Library Sciences. I don’t know about most of you, but you don’t hear most 22 year-olds these days dreaming of becoming a librarian. Talking with Stephanie, she comes off as charming as her career plans make her seem. Her face lights up as she describes what made her choose her major:

“I’ve always really loved reading, from as early as I can remember. I just love getting lost in a new book. I’ve always really connected with the characters. I’m a fond of the classics and some contemporary American literature, so English as a major really spoke to me. I wanted to really hone my writing skills and become a more analytical reader. Plus the professors here are just so passionate and knowledgeable about the literature they teach, so it was definitely the perfect fit for me.”

The English department isn’t the only thing she is passionate about; however, Lewis also spoke fondly of her favorite thing here at Millersville: her friends. “My biggest fear coming to college was making friends,” said Lewis, “but I realized once I got here it’s so easy to become friends with the people here. I feel more bonded with most of my college friends than high school ones, because you spend so much time with them.” She went on to describe how much her friends here have pushed her to grow and challenged her abilities, which she believes has prepared her better for the future.

When she’s not holed up in the English department, or spending time going downtown with her friends, Stephanie is also actively involved on campus. She works a few times a week at the new library and is involved in Circle K, a service club on campus. “I’ve always loved volunteering, so I knew I would like it right away, ” explains Lewis on why she joined the club. Circle K is most known for running the Humans vs. Zombies game on campus every year.

As we ended our interview, Stephanie told me that she thinks coming to Millersville was one of the best decisions she ever made. From her first day on this beautiful campus she felt like she was home — a home which she says she will dearly miss when she graduates in May. Before then, Stephanie is trying to soak up her last few months of college. “I want to enjoy being 22 and in the safe bubble of college with my friends as much as possible,” explained Lewis, “Millersville has given me so many opportunities — I’ve gotten to study abroad in Ireland, learn from brilliant professors, and make amazing friends. These are things I’ll be able to hold onto for a lifetime.”

After graduation Stephanie hopes to move to Chester County with one of her current roommates. She eventually plans to go back to school for Library Sciences, but until then she’s considered teaching English abroad for a bit, and maybe even take the time to write a young adult novel. Lewis finishes with “Basically I just want to get the chance to work, and be independent, and of course most importantly, be happy.” No matter what she ends up doing, this girl clearly has big plans for the future.

Continue reading for some more interesting facts about Stephanie Lewis:

Biggest pet peeve:

Overall rudeness, especially with sidewalk etiquette around campus. That’s probably my biggest pet peeve of all time

Biggest fear:

Spiders! Hands down, spiders. If I can see it, it’s too big.

Favorite book:

Wuthering Heights will always be one of my all time favorites; it’s oddly romantic, even though it shouldn’t be, because it’s certainly not a romance to aspire to have. But I’ve always loved Catherine and Heathcliff’s relationship — it’s beautifully disastrous. Plus Heathcliff, is like the epitome of a sexy Victorian bad boy. Beauty Queens, which is more of a popular young adult novel, I love that as well. To me it feels like a modern, female twist on Lord of the Flies.  It’s very funny and awkward.

Favorite thing to do on campus:

I really love just walking around with friends, because I just love to look at the campus, especially when the seasons are changing.

Something to do before graduation:

Buy Dr. Tim Miller’s book and get him to sign it, because his Milton class is one of the best classes I’ve ever taken at Millersville. He’s brilliant.

Most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me on campus:

On the first day of having a new professor in a class, my shortness affected my ability to take notes. So I was leaning further and further over to see past the tall podium to the board. I eventually I tipped those famously sturdy desks in Chryst right over. My friend next to me was laughing too hard to help me up. And that’s how I made my first impression on one of my new favorite professors. Definitely the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me, but it’s a funny story.

I am an English major with a minor in History. I am a senior at Millersville University about to make my way out into the real world. I would love to keep writing and doing the kinds of things HerCampus has given me the opportunity to do. School and extracurricuar activities keep me busy, so you'll often find me buzzed on caffiene, but in the free time I do have I tend to binge watch way too much Netflix. Awesome friends, an amazing boyfriend, and great music keep me centered. 
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