Spreading Holiday Cheer

During the holiday season, it is so easy for us to get wrapped up in the greed of things. With all the ‘I want this’ and ‘I want that’, we forget just how lucky we are. In the spirit of the holidays, giving back to your community and people in need is an amazing way to bring you and your loved ones closer together. Here are some ways you can give back this season:

Visit a Nursing Home

Often times, as sad as it is, people in nursing homes aren’t visited often by anyone including their families. One way you can give back is by going to visit and talk to them. Just having a friendly, smiling face to talk to just might be the best present they could as for.

Clean Out Your Old Toy Box

We all know that we have toys from our childhood that we’ve hung onto for no reason, except to collect dust. Donating games, clothing or toys that your family no longer uses to a shelter or a non-profit, is a great way to bond while also giving back!

Feeding the Ones Who Make the Holidays Run Smoother

Police stations, fire stations, hospitals, and even retail stores go through madness during this time of year. While you’re baking your cookies and/or casseroles bake a little extra for those working hard to make your life easier. This is a great way to show these community helpers that you appreciate all their hard work.

Collect Donations for A Food Bank

Another great way your family can give back is by collecting items from the community for a local food bank. When donating, keep in mind food banks are looking for nutritious nonperishable items, such as whole grain foods and low-sodium canned meats. Besides just donating groceries, food banks often ask for other items, such as paper goods and school supplies.

Volunteer at A Shelter

If you can’t afford to donate food, another option is donating your time as a family to shelters. Donating your time and effort can be just as valuable as any other donation. Through volunteering, you can food prep, serve meals, or even give one on one with the people.

*All Images Courtesy of Google Images