Songs For When You Aren't Feeling Like Your Best Self

Listen, I totally get it. When life gets super busy, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed and not feel like yourself. The start of this semester has been super rough, and being able to escape all of my troubles with one of my many playlists has managed to bring me back up to my normal, fun and crazy self. I find making playlists therapeutic in a weird way, so why not help all of my ladies out there that aren’t feeling like a total queen with a few songs that are a total must-add to any playlist! These songs never fail to hype me up and boost my confidence, while also bringing me back up when I am feeling down and kind of helpless. So, my dearest reader, pick up your crown, grab your nearest scrap of paper, and jot down all of these bad-ass songs to lift you back up on your feet!

Daphne drinking Netflix /

“Rock Me” -One Direction

You can never go wrong with some class One Direction. All of their songs (with a few exceptions) always manage to lift my spirits, but this song specifically makes me want to get up and dance around my room while singing like I don’t have a care in the world. I don’t know if it’s the old fangirl in me, but this song hypes me up to no end. An honorable mention goes out to “Kiss You”, which is a close second to “Rock Me” on the scale of hype-ability. 

“you should see me in a crown” -Billie Eilish

I would have been a fool to not include this song on here! This song is literally about being your best self and walking around like you are worth millions of bucks (which you totally are!). And if you have ever seen the show Euphoria, you know how empowering this scene is when a plus-sized character walks around the mall like a true queen.

“Nobody Knows” -The Driver Era

Remember Ross Lynch from Disney & R5? Well, he is still making music with his brother Rocky; together they make up THE DRIVER ERA, which is one of my favorite music groups. This song may not be about empowerment in a lyrical sense, but the upbeat tempo will make you want to amp up the volume and dance all night long! If you haven’t heard of this band, I totally recommend checking out their other songs!

“Good as Hell” -Lizzo

This is another song that first came to my mind when I thought of this idea. This is the ultimate hype song, and can always manage to make me feel like an amazing, totally badass woman. Blasting this song on a joy ride can always help you take back the day and build your confidence. 

“Boss B*tch” -Doja Cat

The last song I want to talk about was in the Birds of Prey movie, which was one of my favorites from last year. Doja Cat is calling herself a boss and saying how she “shines like gloss,” which is the mindset everyone should have about themselves! It also has a really catchy beat, and is another good song to blast on full volume, especially on a car ride with your girlfriends! Definitely a song to hype yourself up with when you are feeling down!


An anonymous quote I found while perusing the Internet was “a queen will always turn pain into power”. So whenever you may feel like you aren’t worthy of much, or even if you are just stressed and overwhelmed, turn those feelings into power and confidence. And if you need a little bit of music to help you get there, that’s totally okay too. Happy listening!!