Some Spoopy Ways to Decorate Your Dorm

As most of you know, spoopy season is upon us and personally, I’ve been ready for months. The lights went up, the pumpkins were cut and the door was dazzled with the spookiest decor. My roommate and I love crafts and what better way to decorate than to do it yourself. Here are some great ways to {pumpkin} spice up your dorm!

  1. 1. Relatable Gravestones

    Have you ever said R.I.P. to all your paychecks? Well guess what, this is a great idea for you and your paychecks! Just take some paper, cut it into the shape of a gravestone, then add some color and a quote and you’re ready to get some giggles.

  2. 2. Cute-as-Heck Door Decs

    At Millersville, our RA’s make our own door decs and sometimes they do change it according to the season, but let's be honest, they aren’t the cutest. Take some paper and cut it into a shape that speaks to you. Then add a face or any final touches you wish and voilà, you are in tip-top shape! Don’t forget to put your name on it though!

  3. 3. Pumpkin Pride

    To show your love for your school, yet to keep it cool for fall, go to your local dollar store and get a plastic pumpkin. Keep in mind you will need some paints for your school logo! Paint on the logo and put it in your room for years to come. It won’t rot or smell so you won’t have to throw it out!

  4. 4. Tea Lights = Spooky Nights

    For those of you who don’t know what tea lights are, they are the little plastic candles that you somehow have 100 of in your basement… Let's put those little things to use, shall we? If you place those around your room in a jar of some sort they will create a cozy atmosphere for your dorm in a fire-safe way!

Doing it yourself (or with a friend) is a great way to hangout and have fun with your ghoul sisters and brothers. These are some ideas that I have implemented into MY own dorm room and I hope these ideas sparked YOUR imagination and got you going for this spoopy season. Creep it real.

HCXO, Devon {your fellow ghoul sister}