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From the SMC to Rap, Meet The Ville’s Rising Stars

There are so many different types of people at Millersville with many talents and gifts. Some of us are writers, singers, athletes or up and coming business owners. Believe it or not, there are even a few of our fellow students making their way into hip-hop music. 

Independent artists, JBDK (or JBre X Dougie Kent), Tucker Ebs, and alumni artist Michael Wavves have all begun a steady climb into the music industry. With their growing popularity, many of these artists get picked up to open for other more notable hip-hop musicians or even for the spring concert held at Millersville. A few have even headlined their own local performances in downtown Lancaster and the Philadelphia area.

JBDK, otherwise known as JBre X Dougie Kent are a rap duo that started in the ‘Ville about three years ago. The guys have opened for Snoop Dogg, Iggy Azalea, and headlined their own show in Los Angeles this past summer. Their most popular singles include “Spark Part III,” “Nothing Personal,” and “After Hours.” The duo has plans to continue their creativity into the end of the year and look forward to another productive summer of performances especially after graduation. Their music is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora radio. Both JBre and Dougie balance their musical success with classes and jobs. The guys also love to spend time in downtown Lancaster taking in all of the local art and talent. Their current music video for Spark Part III is shown here

Tucker Eb’s is a current Millersville student and artist that recently dropped an EP called “Summer Daze.” He has also performed in several local clubs and as an opener for Michael Wavves earlier this year. Tucker also has performed alongside JBre X Dougie Kent during their 2nd Annual Lancaster Summer Fest event that was held in Downtown Lancaster during the first week in August. All of Tucker’s music is available through Soundcloud and he loves to keep his fans updated using Twitter. Tucker Eb’s has also begun collaborating with JSmoov on several tracks. Both artists plan to continue working together on othe rmusical projects. His video for his song “Like That Interlude” is shown below. 

Michael Wavves, who graduated from Millersville last year started his hip-hop journey by performing his songs at campus events. This included a homecoming concert event as well as opening for the spring concert. His current singles, “Weekend Warrior” and “No Pressure” are the beginning of a transformation to a new, more electronic sound. Both songs are available for download on Soundcloud and the videos are shown here. Wavves has opened for Andy Grammer, Jake Miller, and Chiddy Bang and plans to perform in Indianapolis and in Downtown Lancaster in the next few months. Michael Wavves balances his musical dreams with teaching social studies in Lebanon, Pa. 

All of these artists represent a small portion of the creative students we have among us on campus. Not to mention, all of these guys would love to hear your opinions and have you share their music with anyone you know. So add their tracks to your playlist this week and let them know what you think!

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