Sick Day Tips

Last week I caught the flu and was the WORST! I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy! I've decided to turn the worst week of my life into a postive to help anyone who caught the flu or is just sick!

  1. 1. Go to a Doctor!

    When I first had symptoms I thought that their was no way I had anything more than a cold. Then I started getting worse and worse! If it wasn't for my mom begging to get checked out, I wouldn't have realized I had the flu! Although it may feel like a hassle or a waste of time going to the doctors, it can't hurt so go if you have resources to!

  2. 2. Be Prepared!

    You need to stock up on everythig while you're still able, or have friends or family help you! If you find yourself coughing up a lung or your nose is running like Niagra Falls and you have no cough medcine or tissues, you're in trouble! The last thing you want to do while sick is drag yourself to the store and get medicine. If you're like me, my body ached so bad I phycially couldn't get up! Thankfully, my amazing roommate got me everything I needed and my mother sent things over by mail! 

  3. 3. Tell your Professors!

    The last thing you want is for you professors to wonder why you haven't been in class for a week! As soon as you know you might be out for more than a class it is crucial to let your instructors know! If they are understanding, they should hopefully excuse your absence and give you a time to make up the work you missed!

  4. 4. Eat!

    While I was sick I had basically no appetite. I wanted nothing to do with food and I went almost two days without eating anything! I'm begging you to please eat! Though you may not have any desire, even some sips of soup or some crackers here and there is essential in feeling stronger!

  5. 5. You will Feel Better

    When you have something like flu it's easy to wonder if you'll ever get better. When I was sick I would cry to my mom on the phone telling her I'll be sick forever and wishing she was their to take care of me. The flu is notorius for taking a long time to run it's course so it's understandle to feel this way! Trying looking on the brightside, I decided to watch a Netflix mini-series I would have never watched if I wasn't on bed rest. Try focusing on other things if you can rather than focussing on the bad things!

I know being sick is terrible but hopefully these tips are able to help! Feel Better!

HCXO, Alanna