Seven Inexpensive Spring Dates

The weather is finally warming up and the trees are starting to bud again: no doubt, spring is on its way! With it finally being nice enough to spend some time outside, it’s a great time to soak up the sun with a significant other or friends. Here are some of my favorite ways to enjoy the sunshine without breaking the bank.

  1. 1. Go for a Walk or Hike

    Painfully simple, but it's so fun to just chit chat about whatever topics have been on your mind with a close confidant as you stroll hand-in-hand. Walking is also the most underrated form of exercise ever; not hard on your joints but still gets your heart moving. Grab your partner and get on your way!

  2. 2. Ice Cream Date

    Cream Cookies

    Probably my favorite date, nothing hits the spot more than your special someone and an ice cream cone! The best are the off the wall or family owned places that have their own special flare (and not to mention flavors)!

  3. 3. Pick Your Own Flowers

    flowers at sunset

    Many local gardens or orchards have pick your own flowers in the springtime; they vary in price but are usually relatively cheap. Not to mention it’s pretty stinkin’ romantic to stroll through the flower fields with the one you love most. 

  4. 4. Picnics!

    Picnic Donuts

    Another personal favorite, it’s so pleasant to pack your favorite foods and a basket, sit out in the sunshine and enjoy your favorite foods with your favorite company.

  5. 5. Hammocking

    This is something my fiancé and I got into a few years ago, all you need to do is buy a hammock, find a peaceful spot with two trees nearby and you’re good to go. It’s so peaceful to enjoy the warmth and drift off with your love cuddled up next to you.

  6. 6. Biking

    man and woman on bikes at sunset

    More active and less conversation based, biking is a great way to enjoy the sunshine and get your endorphins racing. Many parks have biketrails so it’s easier/safer to bike than alongside a road. 

  7. 7. Check Out Restaurants with Outside Seating 

    Harry Potter World Leaky Cauldron

    This is a little more of a splurge, but if you can manage it, enjoy being treated to good food and the warm breeze as you eat it. Most restaurants have specials on weeknights to try to bring in more business, so you may be able to keep costs low. 

  8. 8. Friendly Competition

    Anna Schultz-Girl On Boy'S Back

    Check out your local park for fields and enjoy a friendly match of soccer, basketball, tossing a frisbee, anything! I know I personally am not sporty or very competitive, but it can still be fun to goof off and toss around a frisbee with my man. If you’re with the right person, everything is fun! 

It may not be quite warm enough yet for beach days and late nights outside, but hopefully this activities can hold you and your SO off until those days come. For me, nothing is better than just enjoying my partner's presence and conversation in the beautiful weather! Cheers to a good spring! 

HXCO, Lyss