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Quote of the Week 3/18-3/24

When you’re laboring for others, let it be with the same zeal as if it were for yourself." -Confucius

One of the best things you will ever do with your life is make someone else happy. We have been put on this beautiful planet to be selfless and sacrificial. There is a certain pride that can be attained when you know you’ve helped someone to your fullest ability, even if the person doesn't acknowledge it at the moment, someday they will. So whenever you are helping a friend, parent, neighbor, or whomever--do it as if you were doing the deed to make yourself for your own health. When you do good things, whole-heartedly, nothing but good karma will be reciprocated into your life.  You will find full satisfaction in knowing that you may have made some one's day, month or life better than it was before. 

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