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Kayla Campbell is a junior at Millersville University. She’s a dual major in early childhood and special education. Growing up, she saw the struggles of special ed and wants to be able to teach and be a behavioral support teacher. Her brother is her main inspiration for getting involved in the field. Originally, she was looking at University of South Carolina but her mother encouraged her to look at schools in the Pennsylvania region. She immediately fell in love with Millersville, and felt as though she could see herself here. She likes Millersville because it gives her a sense of independence while still being close to home.

Kayla isn’t much of a movie person, but she likes music a lot. She plays five instruments: guitar, ukulele, bass, piano, and fiddle, and enjoys going to concerts. She loves all genres of music but alternative is definitely her favorite genre. Her most memorable concert experience was seeing the pop punk band All Time Low at the Mann Theatre. She managed to get pit tickets and was able to mosh with other concert goers. Panic! at the Disco is also one of her favorite bands. She also has a love for painter Bob Ross and enjoys art. She’s fun and quirky in all the right ways. 

She joined HerCampus to have a place to be herself and to have a community she could belong to. Being in HC makes Kayla feel as though she’s a part of a family. It gives her a place to be her authentic self and to make connections with other cool and unique people.

Check out some of her articles here.

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Taylor Green

Millersville '23

Hi, my name is Taylor Green. I'm class of 2023 at Millersville and I'm a Digital Journalism Major and a Strategic Public Relations Minor. I enjoy shopping and listening to music and anything from the early 2000s.
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