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I am not sure about you, but I have been struggling with all classes consisting within my two feet of my desk and my bed. With this being said, I found out it has been easier to concentrate and feel relaxed when I am going places or doing homework with friends. Here are some places that can help you feel like the world is still normal in terms of academics.

The Pond

I love going here to work! It is center campus which allows me to see there is still life outside of my room. It makes campus feel like a campus again. Not only is it social, but it is peaceful. Enjoying the warm weather with a cool breeze while hanging out with the swans Miller and 'Sville. Nothing could be better than a study date with a beautiful view!


I am not a huge fan of breakfast/coffee. However, Saxbys is still the perfect place to relax and buckle down on work! It has limited outdoor seating and once again, is surrounded by the most popular area on campus. Saxbys offers great food and beverage choices to help fire your brain power!


Yes, I know I am basic. The library is usually the go-to spot for silence, peace, and possibly some tears depending on the assignment. However, with the COVID-19 circumstances, some people do not want to go to the library and be in a public place. Nevertheless, making a reservation is still possible here at Millersville University. This allows your own room away from your bed and away from where you spend most your time. Working at the library can also be a great spot to meet friends, work on projects, and take advantage of printing. 


Now now now, stop judging- I am definitly a Starbucks lover! Starbucks offers comfortable inside seating that is meeting COVID-19 protcol. If it is a beautiful day outside, take advantage of the cute little picnic tables outside. Order some coffee and make that energy go into your school work! Starbucks always gets my friends attention, so its a great bribe or idea for a homework date!

Speckled Hen Coffee Shop

Want to take a short drive for a short mental break from the homework and stress? Drive to Lancaster City and enjoy this little "mom and pop" shop! Grab youself something to eat or drink, get the cheesy coffee shop pictures, and then back to work!

I hope you take some time and experience these places! They have helped me tremendously with focusing more and getting ahead on school work. I work better mentally when I am not trapped or in the same surroundings as I am alaways in. Maybe I will see you at one of these places soon!

Keep working hard everyone and stay safe!


Kate Steinhilber

Kate Steinhilber

Millersville '21

Hey! My name is Kate Steinhilber. I am a senior at Millersville University majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing and minoring in strategic public relations. I am always staying active in writing, as well as my athletic side. I am extremely family orientated, thus my family are my best friends. I love to blog/journal, so stay tuned to see what I have hidden up my sleeve! Visit my Facebook (Kaitlyn Steinhilber) to get a better look at my life! Cant wait to write with you :)
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