The Perfect Semester Spotify Playlist

Welcome back, collegiates! Since I received such positive feedback on my last playlist article, I was inspired to create a new one for the spring semester just for you! I am always searching for new music suggestions, especially artists that are not mainstream and are less known. I can spend hours on Spotify crafting new playlists and searching through suggested artists and songs to find hidden gems! When I find a new song I love, I usually check out the artist's other pieces (I highly recommend doing the same). Then, I can suggest who I find to my family and friends! This playlist is perfect for the new semester when you need some more motivation or just fresh sounds to listen to when you wear out your current playlist. You can listen to these 20 songs when on your commute, your walk to and from class, and while you are studying! I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

  1. Light On - Maggie Rogers
  2. New Light - John Mayer
  3. Lovely Day - Bill Withers
  4. Almost (Sweet Music) - Hozier
  5. Bambi - Hippo Campus
  6. Less Than I Do - The Band CAMINO
  7. Watching TV With The Sound Off - Peter Thomas
  8. Time Machine - Salem
  9. Impatient - Salem
  10. Friends - Ella Henderson
  11. Say the Word - Emily Vaughn, Lostboycrow
  12. Nothing to Regret - Robinson
  13. Currency - Ivy Adara
  14. Keep You Mine - NOTD, SHY Martin
  15. Unmiss You - Clara Mae
  16. Lemon Drop - Raynes
  17. parking lot view - almost monday
  18. All I Think About Is You - Ansel Elgort
  19. Slip - Tate McRae
  20. Boys Like You - Anna Clendening


Here is the link to this playlist:


As you will find out, there is a mix of upbeat and chill music throughout this playlist! I hope you can find at least one song or artist you fall in love with! What are you waiting for? Go give it a listen!


HCXO, Rachel


*All images courtesy of Canva and Google Images