Need More Girl Power? 5 Songs To Get You Through Your Rough Spot!

There is just something magical about the right song at the right time. Whether it’s to help us cry our eyes out, or finish that last set of squats on the rack. When faced with life’s struggles, music seems to be the one thing we can grab on to when weathering the storm. Those tracks that get you back on your feet after everything hits the fan feel like a breath of fresh air. We all have the unanimous ‘ladies anthems’ that we can agree get us grinning ear to ear. It’s that playlist we hit, the big red button, when we feel we need something more than food and silly youtube videos. Whether it’s been a breakup, facing the loss of a dear friendship, or dealing with the struggles of your day to day, these five ladies and their powerful ballads deserve a spot on your ‘I can do it!’ playlist.  Discovering them will not only bring you a new jam to blast your headphones for, but maybe even new genres to explore.

  1. Ryn Weaver – Octahate

    Trouncing through an abandoned Victorian castle with your best friend by your side, dressed to the nines for a wonderful food fight is the back drop for the powerful ballad of moving on and accepting yourself after the ending of a relationship. Ryn Weaver's album 'The Fool' is a beautiful collection of her unique style that leads you on a wonderful girl-power journey into her talents and a talent few have recognized yet. Her artistic flare and distinct vocals will have you turning up her songs to blast for anyone within listening distance.

    The ending of the relationship is not an easy one, as Weaver depicts the struggle of acceptance that what she thought was perfect, is no more. But by the end of the track the constant build has eased to a gentle calmness. That you can move on, and you can heal. Acceptance of what has happened will come, and moving on from that is important in growing on your own. Even if no one is there, you will continue forward and see the next day. In my first heartbreak, discovering Weaver’s track helped me discover that I am strong enough to move on and I don’t deserve to be sad forever.    

  2. Jess Glynne – Take Me Home

    In interviews, Glynne has discussed the story behind this hit track off her album ‘I Cry When I Laugh.’ Our need for someone in our hour of need is evident. The tears she has shed over the track and the video itself only remind us that we are human. We all need someone in some way, and we have to reach out to one another when we need help. Bearing all in this emotional track reminds us that it's okay to hurt. It's okay to be upset, to cry and be confused and wonder what we're supposed to do after the dust has cleared in the hardships of our lives. When we lose what we thought is absolute, it can be hard to imagine a life without that in our lives. But we will move on, and we will continue to grow.

    One day, even if it’s not today or tomorrow, you will feel better. Even if you may not have someone to be that comfort you need, you will one day. Glynne’s powerful vocals hold the hard emotion in such a conflicting state of mind. It feels never ending, that we are truly lost without a chance of a future. As broken as we feel, we will come together one day, and the pain will lift. Finding someone to share your emotions and struggles with is so important. Reaching out for help in standing up again is one of the hardest personal battles one can go through. The important reminder that it's okay to ask for help is a constant trend in media today, one that is very much neccessary. You never know who will be there when things get tough, and you may be surprised who you will find support in.

  3. In This Moment – Sex Metal Barbie

    It’s not all pop songs and ballads here on this playlist. Metal goddess Maria Brink is the epitome of contradiction in the eyes of many. Her feminine image and metal edge make her the center of controversy and rumors by fans and haters alike. People love to talk about someone when they don't fit a specific image, and will go to any length to spread nasty rumors and say anything to bring a person down. Protesting that ridiculous status quo, ‘Sex Metal Barbie’ is the anthem for ladies who feel as if they don’t belong. Owning what makes you original and ignoring the negativity others spew is what makes you…you! Not for the faint of heart, Brink takes her image to the extreme in a twisted video fitting her love of horror, metal, and beauty that only she could truly encapsulate.

    As someone that hears all the time that I don’t ‘look like’ one thing or another, I love stomping my heels to this song. Brink delivers the angry tone of someone tired of the words people sling for their own pleasure and acceptance. That tone soon turns to one of joy and twisted acceptance. There is little that brings as much dissatisfaction to others as the acceptance of who you are, and owning that entirely. Other people's opinions of you and what they think of you mean nothing when you know exactly who you are and love every bit of that. When you love yourself, what anyone else says or decided to spread about you mean nothing.

  4. Lily Allen ft. Shystie – Hard Out Here

    Going from pop, to metal, to rap, we’re covering all the bases here! We all know the anthem by Lily Allen ‘Hard out Here.’ The hit single provoked much controversy for its discussion of women owning their identity and the common troubles we face in the world today. One day I was lucky enough to stumble on a remix by a female rapper by the name of Shystie. Her raw, uncut rap remix of it left me speechless – and feeling my bad self to take on the world like never before! It's truly hard out in the world for a strong woman, that is until you decide to no longer sit down and take what is being thrown at you.

    [video :]

    Their sarcastic powerhouse vocals come together for a track you will want to scream for. Shystie’s confidence and certainty of her amazing talents add to the track’s tone as she destroys each verse flawlessly. The lyrics may make you blush with their brutal honesty and direct blows at society as a whole. But on a day when you need a strong woman in your corner, Shystie and Lily Allen have your back when you're navigating the worst of your day!

  5. Kesha – Learn to Let Go

    Closing this list out is a song near and dear to my heart. Kesha’s ‘Rainbow’ is the ultimate album for recovery, healing and acceptance of yourself. Finally free to be herself again, this album delivers the true beauty of this pop powerhouse. Accepting the darkness of one’s past and letting go is an important message for every listener in their own way. Whether it’s a break up, a toxic family relationship, or past bad decisions, this track is an important reminder that there is a tomorrow.

    You are worth the effort of truly learning to let go of those dark days and looking to the future. We all have skeletons in our closets, but we have to accept that they are there. When we can accept that, we can move on to the beautiful, colorful life Kesha reminds us of in her video. Her whole album ‘Rainbow’ is worth a whole article in itself. But for the moment ‘Learn to Let Go’ is a track to hold your head up for and help wipe your tears away.

For myself, music has been the medicine that has gotten me through the rocky road of my life so far. Songs I can cry to, ones that can lift me up on my darkest day, have been the driving force for me when no one has been there. In my journey to accepting myself and moving on from my past, these songs are just a few on my playlist that carry me on my bad days and remind me of just how far I’ve come. Your playlist, what gets you through your days, is so important and a treasure worth sharing with others that may be needing a new track to add!