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My Top 5 Tips for Online Learning

Online learning is the unfortunate new norm for schools around the country during this pandemic. If you’re anything like me, then you dislike have all of your schoolwork online. I am definitely a hands-on learner and struggle to find the motivation to complete all of my work online. I had to take my capstone semester of classes online this summer (a whopping eighteen credits) and I learned how to actually get my work done and be motivated to do so. Here are my top five tips for online learning.

Do Your Work

This can seem obvious, but I can lack the motivation to do my work when all my classes are online. Take the time to actually sit down, watch the lectures and videos, and fill out the worksheets you’ve been given. It can help to map out what you need to do ahead of time so you can’t forget to finish it.

Get A Planner

This has helped me immensely to keep my thoughts organized. It can be super daunting to look at all the due dates and assignments given to you on a course calendar, so write it all down in a monthly or weekly planner. I find it helpful to get a planner with months and weeks so I can have an overview to look at as well. I also find that writing down all of my tasks for the day in my planner actually makes me do them as it holds me accountable.

Color Code Your Notes

I have never color coded my schoolwork until this past summer. I found it super useful to color code by different units when highlighting in my notes. This allowed me to easily pick out what would be on a unit test and let me flip through my notes fast. All I did was highlight the unit title in one color and use the same color to underline important notes from professors. Using color in your notes also makes them easier to read.

Get To Know Your Professors

I found that having a relationship with my professors made Zoom meetings a little more personal. Professors are also struggling with the remote learning transition and often feel like they’re just talking to a screen. Getting to know your professors and being able to ask questions allows their lectures to be more directed to your needs and will make it feel like they’re talking to you. Remember that online learning is difficult for everyone, including your professors.

Take Care Of Yourself

Chances are you are looking at a screen all day, which can be harmful to your eyes. Take breaks to rest your eyes and get a snack. Online learning can be draining and can often take even more time than in person class would. You need to take time to give yourself a break and to take care of your body’s needs. Be sure you’re drinking enough water and try taking small walks during your breaks. You can even take some time to read your favorite book, drink some coffee, or do any activity that you love.

Online school has been a difficult transition for a lot of us. It’s important to remember that you are still capable of doing your work. This isn’t forever, so do the best that you can now. I hope you can use these five tips to get through this crazy semester. Good luck!

HCXO, Jenna

Jenna Case

Millersville '20

Hello! I'm Jenna, I am an Applied Engineering major from Harrisburg, PA. I love to spend time with my family, and write! In my free time, I can usually be found watching Netflix or bullet journaling. For more about me, you can follow me on my Instagram @jennaccase
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