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It all began freshman year of college; I was full of anxiety and I could barely stay up past 9pm. I was quick to find out that this was a terrible mix for someone like me. I was alone and could barely sleep through the night without crying for my mom or anyone who I had known in my previous life. During the day I would have to compose myself to face all the other, seemingly perfect college students. Orientation was so hard, but there had been someone I gravitated towards. This girl was just like me, she didn’t speak up or volunteer to participate and she seemed to see the same in me.

Soon enough we would do as much as we could with each other because there was no one else to be with. Of course, it wasn’t so bad, considering she’s now been my roommate for two years and my best friend through it all. Hannah Elizabeth O’Steen, my beautiful breath of fresh air has been by my side or more accurately down the hall for two years and I live every day to show her how much she means to me. Before we were roommates, every waking moment I was with her. We would watch movies and music videos till 1am, while we ate every snack in sight. Hannah introduced me to a new genre of music, that I now love, and we have gone to see one of our favorite groups since then. We each were aunts to our baby fish and now our moss balls.

I can proudly say that who I am today is all thanks to Hannah. I admire her drive and the way she can make anything beautiful. Remember how I said I could barely stay awake past 9pm in the first few days at Millersville? Well, Hannah used to sit with me in our Student Center for hours talking with me to keep me awake, so I could become the true college student I was meant to be. She never gave up on me and I hope she never will. I can’t live my life without Hannah, it would be as unjust as trying to separate peanut butter and jelly. They’re just meant to be and so are we. She keeps me on track and for that I am grateful. She’s incredibly fun and more understanding than I deserve; especially when I burn the cookies every week. My Hannah deserves everything she hopes and dreams for and I have been determined to give her that. Hannah, my love, thank you for saying hi that day in orientation. I’ll see you in the kitchen later.  

HCXO, Devon 

Devon Lewars

Millersville '22

Hi I'm Devon!!! I am a history major with a double minor in Theatre and Archaeology and I live in an apartment with my bff Hannah. I love compiling playlists on Spotify, watching period dramas, and spending all of my money. Yep, that's it. LGBTQ+ <3
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