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My Four Favorite Places to Study on Campus

My Four Favorite Places to Study on Campus

It’s getting to the end of the semester, which means finals week is coming up. Throughout my two years here on campus, I found my four favorite places to study and get work done. I hope these places give you inspiration to work hard these next few weeks of the semester.

1. The Quad

This is my all-time favorite place to study. When the weather is perfect, and sunny; laying on a blanket and studying is the best thing ever. A plus to being in the quad is study breaks. Pull out a frisbee or ball and throw it around when you take breaks. This gets your mind off of working and it helps you to relax!

2. Saxbys

Ahh yes. The best café on campus. I like studying here when it’s cold or late at night. They have a fireplace and chairs to relax while you do your work. It is also convenient that you can grab food and coffee whenever you would like. Saxbys overall has a great atmosphere and I always feel welcomed there! 

3. The Pond

This is another outside place to study/do work. The pond is a great place to go especially when the weather is beautiful outside. The sound of the birds chirping, the ducks quacking is very soothing to me. It is also nice that there is a lot of benches surrounding the pond. The gazebo is there for your pleasure.

4. The Library

The library is a very common place to study. For me, this is the last place that I would want to go to study. If I do study here, I usually go to the quietest floor which is located on the 6thfloor. Throughout the library there is study rooms. This is another place at the library where I like to study. It is more fun to study with a group of friends. The study rooms give you that option.




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