My Favorite Sustainable Skin and Makeup Brands

I love everything related to skin care and beauty. As much as I love pretty packaging and nice scents, I also make sure that I look into what goes into my products and if they're environmentally friendly or not. With that being said, I wanted to share some of the brands that I love, and some that I have been dying to try! I picked brands that care about multiple things, whether it be the things that they put into their products or the way that they are produced. 

  1. SeaWitchBotanicals is a skincare brand that I have been dying to try! They stand by being sustainable and eco-friendly, which is super important to look out for.

  2. 2. BYBI

    I LOVE this skincare brand. They're 100% natural and vegan! 

  3. 3. INIKA

    I've never tried this brand, but I am so excited to! This brand is completely organic, so they definitely care about what they're producing.

  4. This is one makeup brand that I love! They're vegan and cruelty free-definitely a plus!

  5. Lime Crime is another makeup brand that I love! Being 100% vegan and cruelty free, what's not to love?

I hope that you enjoy these different suggestions! Give them a shot! <3

HCXO, Alexandra