My Favorite Podcast: True Crime/Comedy and Why It Works

Over the past two years or so I’ve gotten progressively more into listening to podcasts. I’ve always needed some kind of background noise, whether I’m working on homework, taking some time out of the day for self-care, or even while reading sometimes (I know, that one is a little crazy). I usually stuck to my normal genre of comedy, finding podcasts like "My Brother, My Brother And Me," "Office Ladies," and "The Trypod" just to name a few. I remember talking with a close friend of mine about what new things I should give a try, and she mentioned "My Favorite Murder." It sounded oddly familiar, and I realized it was because my roommate Kaylee (another writer from MU!) had also talked highly of this podcast and tried to get me to start listening to it. Well with two people whose opinions I value greatly, I decided to give it a try.

For most of my life, I’ve been fascinated with true crime. I’ve always wanted to learn as much as possible and maybe even try to solve the coldest of cases from my bedroom. I know it may seem weird to want to delve into these usually horrifying subjects, but I just want to know what goes through these people’s minds to make them do these things. So, when I looked into what "MFM" was about, I almost imploded from excitement. Two of my favorite things: true crime and comedy?! Together?! It was almost too much to handle. Also, the fact that this podcast was created and is starring two amazingly powerful women just added extra icing to the cake. Now, before I talk any more about it, here’s what you need to know about this podcast:

Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark created the podcast in 2016 after meeting each other at a party and both realizing that they loved to talk about horrible things in public spaces. Which isn’t that amazing? I know I’ve definitely found some of my best friends through our more strangely unique interests. These two women have both had incredible careers up to the creation of this joint podcast, Karen working for most of her life as a stand-up comedian, and Georgia getting her start on the Cooking Channel. On their podcast they cover everything from murder, cold cases, disappearances, viewer-written testimonials, and of course…Georgia’s cat, Elvis.

Phone and headphones with Spotify open

What I love most about these women is that it’s not all just murder talk. They spend the first portion of each episode catching up with each other, commenting on things happening in the world, and just keeping things light. I think it’s so important to have that juxtaposition, because I know for me personally, I wouldn’t still be listening in every week without that buffer before all the grusome topics. Not only am I grateful for the interlude, but these women are hysterical. I see so much of myself and my relationship with my best friends in their relationship, and it just makes me feel so connected to them. As crazy as it sounds, I feel as though I could be friends with them! I mean, we already have the love of true crime in common! The other thing about them is that they’re incredibly self-aware. Before every live show they’ve done, they make sure to put out a disclaimer that while they are cracking jokes and laughing amidst all these horrific stories, it’s not meant to take away from the story or harm the families or individuals involved. Comedy is a coping mechanism for both of them, and for me as well; it’s a big reason why I love them as much as I do. They’ve helped me understand that it is a healthy way to cope with the struggles of every day life, and the things we see in the news or throughout our lives. Laughter really is the best medicine.

This show and their podcast network they created (called Exactly Right) are so inspiring to me in more ways than one. These two are so real and down-to-earth that it just is such a refreshing breath of air, especially in the recent years. They talk openly about their struggles with previous addiction, family trouble, and personal trauma. Both Karen and Georgia are huge advocates for mental health awareness, which is something I think more and more people in the public eye need to start doing as well. They make it known that it’s okay to not be okay, and they can put the biggest smile on your face while doing it.

It’s also all too easy as a woman these days to feel unsafe in the world, especially when alone. Karen and Georgia will throw in some very important words to live by in their episodes, which as funny as they may be, should be adhered. A personal favorite being the short and sweet: “Stay out of the forest.” To be completely honest, hearing the recounting of these crimes from these two women, who will throw in their own thoughts and advice throughout, I feel less scared of being in the world. It almost makes me feel empowered to have all of this knowledge in my mind with all of the stories they’ve shared.

All in all, they make me feel less weird about being interested in the things I’m interested in. I feel like I don’t have to hide my love of these cases and stories, and I feel like I’ve been opened up to a much larger community of people just like me. They are two successful and incredibly hardworking women who are paving the way for more women just like them in the future of entertainment. We need more powerful and successful women like them in the world, and all I can hope is that even if you can’t get past the true crime bit, the rest of what you’ve read about them here can inspire you even a fraction of the amount that they’ve inspired me.

If by any chance this article gets to them, thank you both for showing the world just how powerful women, mental health awareness, knowledge, and humor can be. SSDGM.


HXCO, Emily