Meredith Kress-Converse And Fallen Leaves

My Favorite Fall Accessories

Fall is honestly the best style season. Every girl loves big sweaters, cozy hats, and fluffy scarves. It's a time when the warm weather goes to sleep and the chilly autumn nights awaken the life in some of us. For me, it finally means that I can break out my sweaters and all of my beanies. Check out what I think are some of the best fall accessories that I own!

  1. 1. Jewelry

    I love all of my jewelry. I typically always wear the same things, but in fall they finally add a little extra dimension to my outfits. I like silver the most, but fall is when I start to experiment more with colors and textures. 

  2. 2. Shoes

    Shoes are always a statement. I very much do typically wear the same shoes everyday, but the way I style them changes the outcome of how it looks. I love to have an assortment of shoes so that I can pick my mood on the day. Check out some of my favorite fall shoes that I keep in my closet.

  3. 3. Hats

    I'm not going to lie, hats are my favorite clothing article. I have a collection of baseball hats that hangs over my bed in my dorm. I don't even have enough space for all of them. Fall finally gives me the chance to wear some of my favorite hats without getting them disgustingly covered by sweat from the summer heat. Let's be honest, we all sometimes use dry shampoo to fix oily hair. Well, in fall I have a beanie in every color to match all of my outfits and to hide my greasy hair when dry shampoo doesn't work. I also wear suede headbands on days that I want to hold my bangs back. Check out some of my favorite beanies for the cold weather months! 

  4. 4. Jackets

    Jackets are a way to keep yourself warm but also add a little pizzaz to your 'fit. I am more of a cardigan person because I love to feel cozy and cuddly. I usually buy a new jacket each year. This year I bought a fancy orange jacket which really isn't me at all, but I am completely in love with it. Sometimes picking something that you wouldn't normally pick can be one of your favorite articles of clothing.

Your sense of style is uniquely you. My accessories are based off of my personal opinions, but maybe I can inspire you to check out your wardrobe and find your favorite piece of clothing. Style is a form of expression that reflects you, so have fun with it!

And that's all I have to say about that.

HCXO, Cecilia