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My family never shied away from going all out for Halloween. From decorations to costumes, we always had something going on as soon as spooky season started. Coming from a family full of craft and theater lovers, Halloween was our holiday. Below are three of my favorite DIY costumes and crafts I’ve made for Halloween.

First up is my most dramatic costume to date: Victoria from Cats the Musical. Many people are not familiar with this, so I’ll try to paint a picture. First, Cats the Musical is an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical based on the book by T. S. Elliott, Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. As a musical, it is a very dance-heavy show. Because of this, almost all of the costumes are made up of tights and leotards. So my costume was white tights, a white dance leotard, white ballet slippers, a white feather boa as a tail, and then white arm and leg warmers to give a furry look to it. I also had a big white wig with cat ears and face paint. Looking back on it, my mom was a saint for helping me with all of that.

Next up is my costume from last year. While I did this as a couples’ costume with my boyfriend, you can easily do it by yourself. All I did was buy a blue dress (that I still wear regularly), darker blue felt and a Blue’s Clues headband from Party City. I cut out spots from the felt and just taped them on the dress and the outfit was complete! Just because things can never be that simple for my family, my sister ended up making me a face mask to wear that was made out of Blue’s Clues fabric. My boyfriend just wore khakis and a green striped shirt and we were good to go. People loved our outfits and they were super easy to put together.

A craft I loved doing was buying some black cardstock and making a bat outline template. Then I traced this template onto the cardstock and cut out the bats. Next, I put some tape on them and stuck them to my walls. I also taped some of them to fishing line and hung them from my ceiling. This craft was super easy, and at the end of the Halloween season, I just put them in a bag to take out next year. So far, they’ve held up really nice over the years with only a few sacrifices to my cat.

Decorations and costumes help everyone get into the holiday mood. Try some new Halloween DIYs this year and see if any of them become a favorite.



Charlotte Molitoris

Millersville '23

Charlotte is part of the Millersville Her Campus chapter and is currently on the board as the philanthropy chair. She is a senior at Millersville University and is majoring in sociology with a concentration in criminology and a minor in gerontology. She spends her free time listening to music and hanging out with her dog, Maxi.