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Music has always been a main coping mechanism for me when I am upset, stressed, or just bored. I have always been able to turn to music to be able to relax and be in a better mood. Music is a beautiful way to express emotions or connect with others. Some of my favorite music artists never fail to do this for me, and I am going to talk about my top favorite bands and what they specifically do for me. 

A picture I took of my favorite band at one of the concerts I attended.
Original photo by Kasidy Bidelspacher

Daughter is above all my favorite band and favorite music artist. They play alternative music (my favorite type) and the lyrics of the songs are heartwrenching and melancholic. The main singer, Elena Tonra, expresses her emotions of sadness, loneliness, and emptiness within the lyrics she writes, and I find each song extremely relatable in different ways. She even has a solo album which I am also obsessed with.

 I have gone to three of Daughter’s concerts (this picture is one of many that I have taken at one of them) and I hope to go to several more in the future. Hearing their music live is an absolutely breathtaking and extraordinary experience that I have been lucky enough to witness more than once. Their music is very important and special to me, as it has gotten me through so many struggles and hardships. I do not think I could pick just one favorite song, and there is not a single song I do not like. I cannot wait for them to release another album or for the opportunity to see them live again. 

The Lumineers 

The Lumineers’ music belongs to the alternative/indie/folk variety, and it is absolutely beautiful. Some may be familiar with this band due to their popular song, “Ho Hey,” but they are so much more than that one song. Some of my favorites include “Slow it Down,” “Ophelia,” “Gale Song,” “Scotland,” “My Cell,” “Gun Song,” and many more. The lead singer, Wesley Schultz, has such a unique and incredible voice to fall in love with. Some of the songs are fun and uplifting and some are deep and sorrowful, but all of them make you want to sing along. I was planning to see them in concert but unfortunately, it was canceled due to COVID. I would love to see them live sometime in the future. 

The 1975

Another one of my favorite bands is The 1975. Their music can range from alternative, to soft rock, to pop, to funk. Their music can be fun and make you want to dance, can break your heart, or do both at the same time. I have several favorite songs from the 1975 including “Somebody Else,” “Robbers,” “Medicine,” “Love It If We Made It,” “Be My Mistake,” “Me,” “Sex,” “Fallingforyou,” and “You.” Their concerts are known to be extremely aesthetically pleasing with the colors, lights, sounds, and emotions that are brought out, and I would love to go to one someday. 


Palace is a band I more recently found and I fell in love with their sound and lyrics. This is an alternative rock band that won my heart over after hearing their song, “Holy Smoke.” After finding that one song, I delved into the rest of their music and they became one of my favorite bands. Leo Wyndham’s vocals are captivating and the music to go along with them is absolutely beautiful. I love to listen to their music when I am driving, cleaning, doing schoolwork, cooking, or doing just about anything. Other than the very first song I have heard from them, my other favorite songs are “Veins,” “Heaven Up There,” “Blackheath,” “Kiloran,” and “Live Well.” They have a blues-ey feel to some of their songs which I love. They also record a lot of their songs live which I think is awesome and it gives their music such a great sound. A dream of mine is to one day see them live at an outdoor venue during the summertime. 

As you can see, there is a common theme with these bands, as they all have an alternative sound to them. My favorite type of music is alternative, but I do enjoy other types of music and music artists as well. Some other music artists that I really like are Bon Iver, Tame Impala, Novo Amor, Hozier, The Civil Wars, The Rolling Stones, Gregory Alan Isakov, Fleetwood Mac, Marilyn Manson, Ed Sheeran, NF, Harry Styles, and KALEO.

Kasidy Bidelspacher

Millersville '22

Dancer. Writer. Lover. I am a twenty-one-year-old junior with a psychology major. I am just going about my life trying to spread more love :) Check out my published poetry book on Amazon and eKindle called "Lotus Flowers" !
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