My Every Day Makeup Routine!

So if you're anything like me, you probably have gotten to the point where you try and get ready in as little time as possible in the morning. I found myself spending so much time on my makeup routine, and I knew that it was time for a change! I now spend about 10 minutes on my makeup routine and thanks to these products, that is possible! I also try to purchase makeup products that won't break the bank, so hopefully you find a new product that you want to try below!


Foundation/Base Makeup: 


This foundation is seriously so full coverage, but it feels so light on the skin! I really love how well this covers up my dark marks and it applies so well with a brush! It looks a lot darker in the jar, but turns lighter when applied. 


Face Powder:

This powder is the ONLY powder that I can find that is light enough for my skin tone. This powder sets the foundation perfectly and makes sure that my skin looks completely poreless all day at work :) You definitely need to give this powder a try because it is available in so many shades.



This mascara is literally less than four dollars and is super lifting and makes my lashes hold their shape ALL DAY LONG! I have never been someone to purchase expensive mascara because I feel like most fomulas are the same! Give this one a try next time you go to the store!



As for my blush, I splurge a little bit for this because I think the California blush by Benefit is amazing and provides just the right amount of color and the color lasts ALL day. It blends into your skin really well and looks extremely natural. 

I hope that my favorite beauty products that I shared above has helped some of you out! I have used these products for years now and I do not plan on switching any time soon! Have a good day collegiates! 





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