Music Artists I Have Been Loving Lately

I’ve had many music artists on repeat recently. I play their songs and albums when I’m driving to work or to get coffee, doing homework, or just relaxing after a busy day. My friends and family know that I hold a huge passion for music, whether it’s listening to, playing, or singing music. I take my music tastes very seriously, and I am constantly on the lookout for new songs or artists to check out. I love a wide variety of genres, so I hope you can find a new artist to listen to with my list of ones I have been loving lately!

  1. 1. Lennon Stella

    Lennon Stella is a Canadian pop singer. Her songs range in the vibes they give off. Some of her songs are more relaxing with soft beats and meaningful lyrics. Others have more typical upbeat rhythms with catchy choruses. I would say she is not the typical pop artist because she has a unique sound to her voice. She “whisper sings” often, which adds a softness to her songs that is soothing to listen to. I personally love her newest album called Three. Two. One. My favorite songs on it include: "Golf on TV," "Older Than I Am," "Jealous," and "Kissing Other People." She is definitely a good artist to have on in the background when doing schoolwork.

  2. 2. The Wallows

    The Wallows are one of my favorite bands. They have a unique sound that falls under the alternative/indie genre. The lead singer is Dylan Minnette, who you may recognize from the hit Netflix series Thirteen Reasons Why. He played Clay Jensen on the show. They include techno beats and very catchy lyrics in their songs. I love riding with the windows down on a fall afternoon when I listen to them. My favorite songs by them are: "Scrawny," "These Days," "Virtual Aerobics," and "OK." They actually have a new EP called Remote coming out on all platforms on October 23 this year. Check that out!

  3. 3. Rex Orange County

    Alex O’Connor is from Hampshire, England, and he is better known as Rex Orange County. His genre falls under alternative, but his sound resembles bedroom pop with elements of jazz, hip-hip, and soul. He mimics talking throughout his songs which give him an authentic feel that is personal to listeners. He has a total of three albums out. I also listen to him when I study. My favorite songs of his are: "Loving is Easy," "Best Friend," "Sunflower," and "10/10."

  4. 4. Sasha Sloan

    Sasha Sloan is a Los Angeles-based songwriter who falls under the genre alternative. She started out her career by providing vocals for tracks of famous electronic artists. She eventually started releasing her own singles. Her lyrics are very raw and convey experiences many teenagers and young adults go through. She sings of heartbreak, relationships, body and self image, and family issues. If you are looking to relax after a long day, she is the perfect artist to listen to while laying in bed. My favorite songs of Sasha’s are: "House With No Mirrors," "Lie," "Smiling When I Die," "Older," and "Thoughts." She has an album coming out this month on October 16 called Only Child.

  5. 5. Maggie Rogers

    Maggie Rogers is an alternative singer/songwriter who combines the elements of folk, dance, and R&B into her music. Fun fact: she was actually discovered by Pharrell Williams when she performed in a masterclass with him in 2016. A video of visibly-moved Williams went viral and she released the finished version of her song “Alaska” later that month. My favorite songs of hers include: "Light On," "Love You For a Long Time," "Fallingwater," and "Alaska." Her solo album Heard It In A Past Life is amazing and includes twelve of her songs.

  6. 6. Hippo Campus

    Hippo Campus is a spirited indie rock group. The group formed in 2013, and their music includes garage rock and punk elements. If you like the bands COIN and Young the Giant, you will most likely love this group! They currently have four albums out for fans to listen to. They are best to listen to when going on a road trip or tidying up around the house. My favorite songs of theirs include: "Buttercup," "bambi," "baseball," and "Western Kids." Check them out! I’m sure you’ll like their sound!

I hope you can find at least one new artist to fall in love with. Each of these artists have their own unique sound, so you just have to listen to see which ones you like. Happy listening!

All background information obtained from Apple Music.