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Movies Coming to a Theater Near You

This time of year there are so many movies coming out and many of them are worth seeing. The movies that are coming out are good to see alone, with your friends, significant other or your family. 


A Star is Born 

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper mesh so nicely in this music filled movie with a twist that shows a dark side in a unique way. 

The Grinch 

If you grew up watching The Grinch I’m sure this movie is already one that you want to go and see. This version makes the Grinch seem a little more playful and not so hate-filled. 

Mary Poppins Returns 

The beloved classic continues the story with the Banks children (and Dick Van Dyke). Emily Blunt has big shoes to fill in this movie with an iconic character played previously by the wonderful actress, Julie Andrews. The spirit and fun of Mary Poppins lives on in this film and lets children see that fun in this movie. 


Bohemian Rhapsody 

It’s a good assumption that everyone has heard a Queen song, but how did they come to be the music group that we all know today? This movie explores that. 

Fantastic Beasts the crimes of Grindelwald  

Attention Harry Potter fans come an get your fix with this movie and see young Albus Dumbledore. 


Instant Family 

This movie is coming out at the perfect time, when people are spending time with their families and shows that families come in all shapes and sizes. 


Ralph Breaks the Internet 

Wreck it Ralph is back and has discovered the internet, including videos on the internet. Here is another fun and enjoyable movie for this time of year. 


These movies are worth seeing in theaters this season, of course, there are so many more movies that are coming out this season that the movie theaters will be packed. 

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Allie Maceiko

Millersville '19

Allie is a junior at Millersville University studying Social Work. Allie loves to read, travel, shop, journal and hang out with friends.
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