Meet the Writer: Sarah

For my writer’s week article, I had the pleasure of writing about Sarah. She is going into her junior year. She is an Early Childhood and Special education major. She works at a daycare and loves the kids she works with and can’t wait to be a teacher one day to inspire her students to be the best they can be. She also works at Saxbys on campus and loves socializing there.  She grew up in Boyertown, Pennsylvania.

When Sarah isn’t working or going to class, she loves spending time with her friends or family. She also loves watching Parks and Rec and Catfish. Her hobbies include running, journaling, and listening to music. She loves going to the beach (and hopes to move closer to it one day), learning about astrology, going to concerts, and taking pictures. She loves writing for HerCampus. Her favorite article topic is anything about self-help or self-awareness.

Her biggest inspiration has been all the women in her life: her grandma, her mom, her Aunt Helen, and many others. All the women in her family are alphas, which is what has made her the person she is today. Strong women have always run her family. Growing up and seeing so many women being leaders has been the greatest blessing and shown her that being an alpha and being independent is a good thing. “Girls are taught to be submissive. They’re taught that men are the world leaders. They’re taught they need someone to guide them every step of their life. I believe that girls are the most powerful forces in the world. We have the power within ourselves to be earth shakers. We need to learn how to be our own sanctuary, our own heroes, and our own teachers. When we realize the power to inspire is within us all, that is when we will realize our full potential”