Meet Our Vice President/Editor-in-Chief Lola

Let's meet our Vice President/Editor-in-Chief: Lola Natalie Itzhaki!


Lola is from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and is currently a senior at Millersville University. Lola is majoring in Early Childhood Education and is graduating in one month!! We are so sad that she will be leaving us :(  When asked why she chose her major, she said: "I've always loved being able to help and inspire others, and teaching allows me to do that for the little people who need it most while creating great relationships with them!"

Lola always looks super stylish on campus, and when asked what her current favorite fashion trend is, she replied "scrunchies and big sweaters!". 

Ever since I've known Lola, I have known just how hard of a worker she is and I know she will achieve anything she puts her mind to! When I asked Lola what her 5 year plan is, she replied: "Teachng my own class of 2nd or 3rd graders, hopefully living in Brooklyn! (and able to support myself...oof)."

From one fellow teacher to another, Lola and I both understand just how exhausting being an education major is! Treating yourself is so necessary when you can, and Lola's favorite way to treat herself is to sleep! She says: "As sad as that is, at this point in my life, any free time I have goes to trying to sleep!" 

The last question I asked Lola was, "what is your favorite season?" She replied, "Spring, because I love seeing new life and new flowers blooming, and I love that it's still chilly and the air feels so fresh."


As you can see, Lola is such an awesome friend and a unique soul and we are SO SO SO lucky to have her in our chapter :)

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