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Lovely in Leopard



Fall is a great time to wear creams, browns and blacks. So what better season to wear leopard print? Alisa is tying together all colors in her clothing to match her leopard-print backpack, scarf, and shirt. (No animals were harmed in the making of this outfit.)

Alisa Vasquez: Communications and Broadcasting,  Freshman

Q: What inspires your style?

A: “I like certain stores and colors. In the fall, I wear dull colors like grey, black, dark blue, brown and cream… but in the spring I wear brighter colors. I try to always match at least one thing with something else that I’m wearing, and I always carry my shades.” 

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Rachael Ulmer


Major: Multidisciplinary Studies with concentrations in marketing and public relations.Graduation: Spring 2015I have been a writer for Her Campus since the beginning of fall 2014 and have enjoyed every minute of it. I have a passion for fashion and cosmetics, and although I like to keep up with current trends, I also like to stick to classics that never go out of style. I believe that less can be more, and it is always okay to wear red lipstick- no matter the occasion. I lived in England twice, and that culture has influenced many of my interests and lifestyle. Like most brits I love drinking tea and eating fish n chips. Rainy, gloomy days are not my enemy, but rather provide a sense of nostalgia. When I lived in Europe I was able to travel to many countries which has left me with a desire to travel the rest of the world.I lived on a horse farm for several years, which has given me the knowledge and passion for working with horses. I volunteer once a week at a sanctuary in Manheim that rehabilitates abused and neglected horses, and would like to eventually volunteer with exotic wildlife. I love all animals, and currently own a pet hedgehog, named Twix. My career goals would be to work as a marketing or public relations professional in entertainment, sports, or fashion. I have many dreams, some bigger than others. In the meantime I plan on taking small stepping stones that will one day lead there.
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