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Life In College As Told By Ross Geller

Let’s be real – college is hard. It’s not a giant four-year party like the media displays. More often than not, you’re going to have a freak out… and no one freaks out more than Ross Geller. This is college as told by everyone’s favorite maniac.



When you’re in constant denial that you’re not falling apart.


Having to move back into the dorms every year looks pretty much like this:


When your professor makes you do group projects.


When you have 3 exams in one day

When people complain about you complaining.

When you’re giving a presentation and you have no idea what you’re talking about.


How you feel… everyday.

When finals week is over and you can sleep again.


Try not to freak out this week! 


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Carlee Nilphai

Millersville '19

Carlee is a Millersville University graduate with a BA in Print Journalism and a double minor in Music and Theatre. Her favorite topics to write about involve career, environmental issues, pop culture, budgeting hacks, and Taylor Swift. Carlee lives in Lancaster, PA and has a corgi named Alan.
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