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Lexi Lipko: Loving the Little Things

Millersville is home to so many unique students that come from all kinds of different places, exploring different things. Our latest featured profile is no different! Meet Lexis Lipko, a sophomore student studying communication and public relations. She loves country music, being involved with her sorority, and hopes to encourage Dunkin Donuts to come to the Ville!

Name: Lexis Lipko

Age: 20

Year of Graduation: Spring 2019

Hometown: Lititz, PA (The Coolest Small Town in America) 

Birthday: September 18

Major/Department: Speech Communication with an option in Public Relations

What is your favorite thing about Millersville? 

The people! When I first transferred (from Bloomsburg) last semester, I was so scared that this place wouldn’t be for me! The people on this campus make it a friendly and welcoming environment for everyone. 

Are you involved in any clubs or activities? 

Of course! I am in Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority where I hold the position of secretary. I am also a member of PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America). 

Why did you choose Millersville? 

Millersville actually wasn’t my first choice. I just transferred here last semester from Bloomsburg but now that I’m here, I don’t see how I didn’t choose to come here in the first place! I love how close we are to Downtown Lancaster and how we can still enjoy the simple little things like pumpkin picking on the side of the road. I just love the location of our school!

What is your favorite class or favorite subject?

My favorite class had to be COMM 100. Public Speaking is always awkward but throughout the semester, you are able to see yourself and classmates really start to see their potential. 

How do you plan to make your mark at Millersville? 

Being so new to the university, I can’t say I have one specific thing that I want to do. I definitely have a few small ideas up in the air right now that I might bring to life but if I had to pick one, maybe I’ll push for the first Dunkin Donuts on campus. 

Favorite genre of music? 

Country all the way. 

What are you binge-watching? 

I am so late to this train but Grey’s Anatomy season 7, still going strong and looking for my own McDreamy. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

In 5 years, I am hoping to be graduated and happy. I get asked this question a lot but all I want is to be happy in life wherever I may be. 

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As a Speech Communication major with an option in Public Relations, it's only natural that I write and inform my publics of the latest and greatest things out there. I am new to Her Campus Millersville this semester and hope you'll enjoy my articles in the mix of all this fabulous talent.Here are a few things about me... - I love sports, music and technology. My weekends are often spent adjusting fantasy football line-ups or checking out a concert. - My guilty pleasures include slushies, sweatpants and binge watching Friends. - I am inspired by my professors and Ronda Rousey on a regular basis. They always remind me to stay passionate. - My favorite foods are burritos. There are many foods within a burrito and they are AMAZING together.  - I swear by the fabulous things I find on Pintrest and love to go on road trips with my boyfriend. Not to mention I can often be caught watching cartoons, especially Phinaes and Ferb, because I refuse to ever let go of my inner child. It inspires my imagination and curiousity. Those are what got me into media in the first place. I have to share that magic. Please enjoy! 
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