Letterkenny, Your New Favorite Show

I’m pretty stoked to feature this show as my latest obsession because it has gotten me through so much this past semester on just it’s quirkiness, crudeness, and slang alone. It’s the perfect show for casual watching; one that you could potentially put on while your doing homework, but you won’t because it’s so great you’ll want to watch.


Full disclosure, this is NOT a show you’d want to watch with your grandma. Frankly, it’s lewd and a bit rough around the edges, but I’d be lying if I didn’t think it was absolutely brilliant and hilarious.

If you’ve never heard of Letterkenny before, it is a Canadian tv comedy, originally a web series on Crave TV, that details the lives of small-town Canadian cliques. You’ve got Wayne and his buddies, the primary characters, who are the ‘hicks’, Riley and Jonesy and the ‘hockey jocks’, the indigenous Canadians as the ‘natives’  Stewart and his crew which are the ‘skids’ and ‘degens’ from up country. Each episode is mostly it’s own entity, with the early episodes consisting mainly of sketch comedy. There are some running jokes that appear as the episodes progress and the plot begins to travel from one episode to the next in later seasons. It’s the perfect gradual release of content to rope you in and make you more invested than you ever really planned for!

By far my favorite part of the show is the Canadian slang. Much of the hockey and sports slang is legitimate, but there's also a great mix of nonsense phrases that the actors came up with just for the show. The slang is so much fun and you'll be speaking it every day yourself!

Another thing that I most appreciate about it is the cinematography. The locations in which the crew films are lovely, as much of Canada seems to be. The majority of the seasons are filmed in the summer where there are lush and vibrantly green fields and other nature to enhance the acting that is happening in front of it. One season was filmed during the winter, however, and it was just as beautiful with the snow covering everything. Most shots in the show are filmed outdoors and each frame is just aesthetically pleasing.

So pitter patter and go watch Letterkenny with your pals on Hulu! 


All gifs courtesy of Giphy.com