A Letter To My Best Friend

A letter to my best friend,

Thank you for always being a constant in my life. You have been there for every heartbreak, late night school paper, and spontaneous trip to Target. You are my ride or die, my carpool karaoke partner, and my go-to movie and ice cream date. I didn’t know sixteen years ago I would be saying hello to my soulmate, but there is no way I would survive without you.

If there was one thing, I wish you could see it would be that you deserve the world. You are such a kind and amazing person. You are always there, no matter what you’re going through, to listen to any problems. You’re always a shoulder to cry on, at 1am, when life just isn’t going right. You always love me, even when I’m hard to love and I don’t love myself. I know I don’t thank you enough, but I truly appreciate everything you do for me, more than you know. You are one of the most beautiful, strong and intelligent women I know, I hope you never doubt that for a second and never let anyone ever let you think differently.

In the future, I hope you are still right by my side. I hope you receive everything you want in life and that you reach all your dreams. Most of all, I hope you have a future filled with happiness and health. You are my “person” and there is no one I’d rather spend the rest of my life dancing it out with! 


Courtsey of Giphy.com ​