Leave It For The Lingerie!

With work, school, and life, it may be hard for us to find some time for ourselves. Often I think, “where do the days go?” There are only so many hours in a day, and I am guilty of waking up in the morning and finding the most convenient thing in my closet to wear. Now, there is nothing wrong with that--I love to wear what makes me feel comfortable in my skin. However, recently I noticed when I was getting ready for work one morning that I used the same bra I would if I were to dress up or wear because was cute and made me feel confident. A special bra that makes me feel good about my image, and I was going to wear it to work because why? Because it was the closet thing in my closet that would get the job done. I wore it for a reason that I did not originally buy it for.

Now, why did I start thinking about this? Well, we can blame it on the Eat, Pray, Love movie starring Julia Roberts. In that movie, there’s a scene where she and her friend go to a store to buy bigger jeans when Julia's character sees a piece of lingerie. Her character says how beautiful it is, and the friend asks why she won’t get it. Her statement was, “ Who would I wear for?” And the other actress responds by saying for herself. In this world, so many women and men get objectified for either wearing the wrong thing or thinking a different way. This often leaves us with little confidence to buy or have clothes that make us feel special. Whether it is a job that makes us wear a uniform or school that makes you have a dress code, often we find ourselves trying to fit into the mold society puts us in just to please everyone.

However, I think we should break the mold a little. I dare you to go out and buy something for yourself. Whether that is a giant sweatshirt or a nice slip dress to wear when you are enjoying a Netflix binge session with a glass of wine, as long as you are doing/wearing something that makes you feel special. No more wearing your favorite sexy bra underneath your work clothes because it is the most convenient thing you have or pulling out your comfy sweatshirt to wear in public because you have nothing else. Let’s leave something to ourselves, a little bit of mystery shall we say. Because spending all our lives judging what we are wearing or having others judge for us can take a toll on our state of mind and honestly... I am so over it. 

HCXO, Valentina