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Lauren Snyder

When Her Campus sat down with Lauren, she described herself as happy and energetic. She’s not wrong at all. This week’s Campus Celebrity has a bubbly and welcoming personality that makes it easy to fall into conversation with her.

The Doylestown, Pennsylvania native is a junior majoring in early childhood and special education. She lists Glee, tigers and hanging out with friends as some of her favorite things.

Lauren has been involved with Student Senate for two and half years and has been vice president since fall 2011. She is the head of student concerns where she collects concerns, questions and comments from the students. She acts as the liaison between faculty and students to pass along what the concerns of the students are.

“We’re the student voice,” She said of Student Senate. 

The organization gives students the opportunity to be more directly involved with what is affecting the student body. Faculty members and heads of departments come in and discuss current campus issues.

Because this is a “rebuilding year” for Student Senate, Lauren says she sees the organization’s numbers growing in the future.

“The more students involved, the more accurately we reflect the student body,” Lauren said. “We’re very friendly and I’d like to see a wider variety of students and not just one population within the population.”

She hopes to achieve this by recruiting through advertising and promoting at other organizations. So look for Lauren at your next meeting!

According to Lauren, the process of becoming a senator is very easy. All you need to do is attend one meeting and fill out an application (which are located online at involved.millersville.edu or outside the Senate office). Meetings are held Thursday evenings at 6:30 in SMC 118E.

In addition to her duties as vice president, Lauren writes for the Snapper and is involved with Study Buddies and sits on the Student Services Incorporated Board.

If she wasn’t involved with Student Senate or these other organizations, she says she would like to be involved with University Activities Board, for the activities, and Circle K because she thinks it’s important for college students to volunteer.

 “I feel as though we are extremely fortunate to be given so many opportunities and advantages by attending Millersville,” Lauren said. “I think that one of easiest ways to volunteer is to have your organization make it a mission to do something good for the community.” 

Maybe you’re sitting there reading this article and wondering which campus organization out there is the best fit for you. Testing out as many as you can to see what’s right for you is the advice Lauren gives.

“I believe there is an organization for everybody,” Lauren said. “You just have to find it.”

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