Ladies: Mistakes We’re All Making When It Comes To Our Hair

Ladies - let's be real. We all think we’re experts when it comes to knowing our own hair, but how much do you really know when it comes to taking care of it properly? There are so many things we do that damages our hair every time we touch it that you should probably stop doing right now if you want the healthy hair you’ve been desiring. 

Taking hot showers

Hot showers feel great, especially when the weather is cool, but it’s not good for the health of your hair. The steamy spray washes the natural oils from your head, which can cause dandruff and cause your scalp to overproduce oil. Showering too often can also lead to greasier hair. Find a healthy balance between the two that works for your hair.

Skipping heat protection

Preventing damage to your hair is so much easier than fixing it, so protect your hair when you style it! Heat is very damaging to your hair, especially if you use hot styling tools every day or when your hair is still wet. Use a protecting spray every time you style with heat to prevent damage and breakage.

Avoiding the hairdresser

It’s a common fear when you’re trying to grow out your hair.. the last thing you want to do after spending all that time attempting to grow your hair out is to go to the hairdresser. But if you have split ends, the longer the splits exist, the farther up your hair the split travels causing more damage. Avoid damaged ends by getting a trim every two months for fuller, healthier hair. 

Tying up your hair too tightly

Ponytails are quick and easy fixes for a bad hair day but tying up your hair tightly and frequently can pull at your scalp and damage your roots. Also, using thin, tight hair ties can cause breakage and irritation if the hair is bound too tightly. Pick hair ties that are thick and covered with fabric. The worst is nylon. If you really need to get your hair out of your face, use hair clips or bobby pins instead.

Brushing wet hair roughly

Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair as the follicles are yet adjusting to the softened scalp. If you brush your vigorously while it's wet, you are bound to lose more hair than you bargained for.

Towel drying your hair

The friction causes your hair to break more so it's better you let it dry on its own time or invest in a soft or silken cloth to dry your hair.