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Kingsfoil at the Chameleon Club

Saturday, September 29 Kingsfoil held their CD release show at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, Pa. Their new album, “A Beating Heart is a Bleeding Heart,” is now available on iTunes! 

(Yes, that’s Frankie Muniz.)

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Joie Formando


Joie Formando is an English major at Millersville University, with a concentration in Writing Studies and a minor in journalism and music. She loves to write and cook (which is a work in progress) and is looking forward to "becoming a grown-up" post-graduation! She is the Arts and Culture Editor of MU's newspaper, The Snapper, and an active photographer-in-training. She can play a few chords on the guitar (but you'll never catch her singing for anyone) and her biggest dream is to move to London and work for a children's book publishing company.
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