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Keeping up with a hectic schedule – when is it TOO much?

Senior year of college should be a blast, right?
What if you’re taking almost 18 credits and involved in several clubs and organizations and a have part-time job?

How do you balance the academics, the extracurricular, the job, AND the down time?

You don’t.

Just kidding! If you’re sitting here staring at your iCal wondering how on earth you’re going to manage to get through the semester (and starting to feel rather nauseous), stop! College should be busy, but not so busy that it causes you more stress than anything else. Of course college is stressful, but you shouldn’t feel so overwhelmed that it takes away from the experience.

I’ve approached my senior year with this powerful, overwhelming feeling, but since I have a few years under my belt (and the mistakes everyone is bound to make), I have a few words of advice to those drowning in their hectic schedules:

1. Too many classes? It’s okay to drop one of them! The first week of class will help you get an idea of what to expect with your workload. If you feel like you can’t handle a course, drop it. I always felt bad when I had to drop a class, but in the end, it saves you the headache of stressing about it for an entire semester. Know your limits and how much work you can handle. If you have other commitments outside of class that could prevent you from doing well, explain this to your professor! And don’t feel guilty! YOU know what you can handle and you should always do what’s best for you!

2. Too many extracurriculars? Talk to the other members of your organization/club. Divide the responsibility so you don’t feel like you’ve got too much on your plate.

3. Too many hours at work? Talk to you boss! Tell them you’re a student and explain the situation. Being honest and considerate is something employers value – if you explain your commitments, I’m sure they will be able to work around your schedule.

4. Not enough time for eating/sleeping/laundry/relaxing? Well, unfortunately, that’s a standard for most college students. However, scheduling time for this things will help you become more organized and will also alleviate your stress! Knowing you have two hours to kill on a Friday night before work could mean a well deserved nap, dinner with friends, or a hobby you’ve long abandoned since the end of summer.

Good luck to everyone this semester! Remember to relax and make time for YOU!  

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Joie Formando


Joie Formando is an English major at Millersville University, with a concentration in Writing Studies and a minor in journalism and music. She loves to write and cook (which is a work in progress) and is looking forward to "becoming a grown-up" post-graduation! She is the Arts and Culture Editor of MU's newspaper, The Snapper, and an active photographer-in-training. She can play a few chords on the guitar (but you'll never catch her singing for anyone) and her biggest dream is to move to London and work for a children's book publishing company.
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