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Jessica Doudrick, 13

Jessica Doudrick is the new Station Manager of our own campus television station, MUTV 99. Doudrick, 21, will be spending her last year at Millersville heading the station while finishing classes for her Communication Broadcasting major. Aspiring to be a sideline reporter for the NFL, she is well on her way to achieving her dream. 

Already preparing for the position, Doudrick has new plans for MUTV this year. In addition to recruting as many members as possible to ensure smooth production, Doudrick hopes to post all the programs on the MUTV website. She also wants to make programming available to the public outside dorm room televisions. 

Doudrick is excited to continue to “learn new things everyday that [she] can take…into the real world.” Having been a memeber of MUTV since her sophomore year, Doudrick has also held exectutive position of Sales and Marketing Coordinator for the organization. 

In five years we hope to watch her report the news from North or South Carolina. 

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