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“It’s Bitter at First but then Sweet” Meet Hannah O’Steen

This week at Her Campus Millersville, we decided to interview each other for our articles. I got the chance to speak with Hannah O’Steen, a sophomore at Millersville University. Hannah chose to attend Millersville partly due to the beautiful campus, but also because it had the best track for her major. She explained that Millersville offered Bachelors of Design, a degree that would give her the most opportunity for a career in art.

Hannah is a graphic design major partly because she simply loves art and partly because graphic design was, in her opinion, the safest art major she could choose. Though before deciding on graphic design she considered a major in language as well as forensic psychology. As we spoke about possible majors, Hannah mentioned that she became really interested and gifted in finding someone’s “tell.” More generally, micro behaviors, which are often unconscious gestures, expressions, and postures that give away possible deception. Needless to say, you can’t get anything past her. 


In case you were wondering, Hannah’s last name is Irish. Something we shared in common was our very European heritage. Hannah is not only Irish, but she’s also Polish, Welsh, and even Native American. She comes from a family of two other sisters in Maryland. She is smack dab in the middle with both an older and a younger sister.  

Hannah claimed that if she would be one food, she would be a caramel macchiato. Why? Because, “they’re bitter at first but sweet once you get past the first sip,” just like her. I think this is something a lot of us can relate to, acknowledging our RBF’s every once in a while. Hannah also told me that she, clearly, loves art, as well as house plants. Not quite outside gardening, though bring those plants inside and she’s your girl. Hannah also used to run track, which I applaud her for, because running is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes some real commitment to willingly sprint around a track multiple times a week. 

Latte Art
Kelsey Emery / Spoon

During our interview, Hannah explained her favorite movies were studio Ghibli movies. Before then I had no idea what they were, but she explained that you would know them when you saw them. Studio Ghibli includes “Ponyo and Totoro,” things I’m sure many of us have at least heard of. They’re animated movies, though not quite anime. Besides this, Hannah likes a lot of movies, though nothing in 3D. Her last experience in 3D was “Frozen,” and it was definitely not the best way to watch the film. 

Hannah claimed she was more on the shy side, though the interview was very easy. Hannah has a lot of interests and was easy to talk to. Like a caramel macchiato, the first sip may be bitter, but the rest is sweet. That’s Hannah!

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