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Introducing Sam Kress

Joining a new club or organization can be a little scary at first, but Her Campus welcomes and supports you from the start. I have already made strong friendships that will last a lifetime, and I am excited to create bonds with other women in Her Campus. I’ve been given writing opportunities that will help me shape my future career all while having fun. This week I had the pleasure of meeting and learning about Sam Kress. 

Right away, I knew that Sam was going to be pretty cool! We started talking as if we’ve been friends forever. She was easy going and had a care-free vibe about herself. As we started talking, she told me a little about her family and her face lit up. She has a very strong relationship with her grandmother. She explained how her grandmother is her biggest inspiration in her life. Her grandmother is strong, powerful, friendly, and the perfect parenting figure to Sam.

Sam also talked about her best friend. She said it was too hard to pick just one. She chose to talk about her friend that she met here at Millersville Freshman year. They met at band camp and ended up living down the hall from each other. Sam was so happy when she was describing their breakfast dates together. They had the joy of living together last year before her friend studied abroad. Sam thanks her best friend for pulling her out of her shell!

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Being a member of Her Campus and striving to support all women, Same emphasized how she empowers women. She said that she actively works to educate friends and families about women’s mental and physical help. Sam also acts as an advocate for the LGBTQ community since she has many friends that are a part of this community. She also wants everyone to know that she is a reliable source for them!

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When I asked Sam to tell me something she loves about herself, she hesitated. She compared her college self to her high school self for a minute, then decided that one thing she loved most about herself is how capable she is. She learned in college that she is capable of doing so much, even if she doubts it at first. Sam learned that she CAN do things, and she loves that she grew as a strong individual since coming to Millersville.

I am lucky that I had the pleasure of interviewing Sam Kress and getting to know her a little bit more. She is the definition of a woman that empowers all women. She is a ray of sunshine that enjoys lifting others. I hope you all get to see her around the Ville.

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