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I’m Going to Disney World… As a Cast Member!

It all started with a Youtube video… A year ago I was on Youtube and saw a video titled “All about the DCP.” I was intrigued because I had no idea what that stood for. I watched the video and learned two things. One, DCP stood for Disney College Program, two, I wanted to do it. The video talked all about the good, the bad, and the magic of the program. After watching the video (Once Upon a Bron is the name of her channel, she’s adorable), I went straight to apply, to my dismay applications were not open yet. I decided to put it on my calendar when they open so I could apply and move on with my life. I set this calendar alarm in August. Then three months later my phone vibrated, “DCP APPLICATIONS,” I nearly forgot about it! I was debating on still applying because I thought I had no chance of even getting in. I decided to just do it and whatever happens, happens. The first part is a simple resume like any other job, I didn’t think I’d get past the resume part. Two days later I got an email from Disney saying I moved on to the web based interview, or  WBI, a series of questions asked to see if Disney thinks I’d be a good fit. I thought to myself “I definitely won’t pass that part.”  The WBI immediately tells you if you move on to the final step of the application process, so I was a little nervous. After cimpleting the WBI (which took FOREVER), I hit finish. I moved on! I was so surprised. The whole time I was thinking I didn’t even really want to do the program. Once I saw I got chosen for the phone interview, PI, I realized maybe I do want to do this. A little under a month later I had my interview. I had an interview scheduled earlier but I had the flu so I had to reschedule. I was super nervous and watched just about every video and read every blog giving advice. I had my interview which lasted about 20 minutes; I felt a little insecure, I didn’t think I rocked it but I didn’t think I bombed it either.

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The next weeks were nerve racking, part of me didn’t want to get in because I’d miss so many people, but then I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I checked my email every day. Then February 10 I was sitting in Astronomy and decided I’d check my email before class starts and that’s when I saw it, “Congratulations, you have been selected to participate in the Disney College Program at the Walt Disney World.” I was kind of in shock, I reread it about 15 times just to make sure it was real. The first person I told was my roommate, Joanna, since we had Astronomy together, she was so happy for me! Then I told my mom, after that I told just about everyone else in my contact list! Everyone was so excited for me, but then it hit me. I have exactly one week to accept or deny. I spent the week making pros and cons lists, one day I decided I wasn’t going to go then the next day I said I was going. After one of longest, most stressful weeks of my life and a long talk with my family, Saturday night I hit accept and paid my fees. I officially am going to be a cast member at Disney World! I hope you all enjoyed my journey to this decision and I’ll see you in Florida!


HCXO, Alanna

Alanna Moore

Mville '22

Hi I'm Alanna I graduate in 2022 and i'm a OSEH major
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