I May Be Basic but I'm Me

            Ahh yes, fall is in the air. The posts of pumpkins and Halloween decorations are already flying. Everything that can be pumpkin spiced is pumpkin spiced, and pretty soon we’ll be busting out the bulky sweaters and thick scarves. Along with these fun fall items are the memes and posts about #basicaf and #basicbitch. Well guess what, I am a basic bitch and that is fine by me.

            First of all, fall is awesome. The stifling heat from the summer air has finally broken into a cool, crisp, and comfortable degree. The fashion is cute and comfortable (I mean really, how often is that the case?), the activities are fun, and the food and drinks are delicious. Also Halloween? A holiday to dress up in a fun costume and party with your friends? Or to stay in and watch horror movies and eat candy? Uhh sign me up! Obviously people are going to be drawn to this time of the year, what isn’t there to love?

            Of course there’s a stereotype of a girl in her boots and scarf drinking a pumpkin spice latte, lots of girls (yours truly) do this. Why? Because we’re comfy and look cute and pumpkin spice is yummy, how is that a hard concept? These stereotypes are true and exist because a lot of people like those things. Why would companies create things no one wants to buy? And more importantly, why would I deny myself simple pleasures because I’m afraid of being called basic?

            I am who I am, I like what I like. Fashion industries and Starbucks hit the nail on the head anticipating what we like in the fall. Liking basic things is okay, and fun! What’s not fun is pretending you're above fads that you’re into as a way to stand out. There’s a lot more to you than enjoying a quality pumpkin spice latte on a fall day. You’re intelligent, compassionate, funny, and capable. Those are the things that define you. Be confident enough in yourself to let yourself enjoy the small and, yes, basic things in life.  Be able to laugh at yourself too, you may be basic but you’re also you. Anyone can be basic but only you can be you.

            So lattes up ladies, let’s make this fall one to remember and be proud of all the things we are!





*All images courtesy of Giphy.com