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I Cut My Own Bangs And Here Is How It Went…

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It’s a new year which means a new fresh start… and what better way to do that then get a haircut?! Now, most people would most likely go to a salon and get a trim, different color, or even (dun dun DUN) BANGS

I was one of these people. 

Now I’ve had bangs before and they were “cute…” if you don’t mind being called Dora the Explorer for a whole year. Granted this was in the third grade, but still. Since then that haircut haunted me with a memory… Dora. It terrified me to ever really do anything bold with my hair for a long time. That joke of a colorful cartoon who taught kids Spanish taunted at me, and when I look back at the situation… I don’t remember why.

Then, in my senior year of high school, I got nominated to be on Homecoming court! Every year my school would have a pep rally to celebrate, and the court must do a fun skit in front of THE WHOLE SCHOOL! This became one of my favorite memories all because of what I did. While frustrated trying to figure out what to do, my best friend jokingly said I should do something with Dora… Oh, she had nooo idea what she had just done. I had gotten so excited and began to plan the costumes, the choreography, and even people who would be in it! Then reality set in…what was I going to do about my HAIR! 

The whole reason why I was going to do Dora was because of my nickname when I was younger. And Dora had bangs…what was I going to do?! I was terrified at the thought of getting a haircut because I remember wanting to grow it out after having it short the months prior. Would I get a wig? Not only would a good quality one cost $$$, but what if it fell off during the skit? So there I was sitting in the chair of my mother’s friend’s salon. She was showing me how she would cut them and was getting ready. All the thoughts of having that haircut for months and being called Dora flooded into my brain. At the last minute, I chickened out and found these clip-on bangs on Amazon that did the trick.

Friends as Dora the Explorer Characters
Valentina Zamora
Fast forward to the day of the pep rally; I wore my “bangs” to school and was waiting for that one comment…Dora, but to my surprise, it never came. Instead, people were LOVING my new hairdo and complimenting me on it. Little did they know the bangs were fake. Was this all in my head? I had other things to worry about that day of course, but my skit went GREAT! It truly my favorite part of high school not just because I was on homecoming court, but because I faced my fear of what others thought of me. It taught me that I should be confident in my choices instead of scared of what people would think! I am my own person.

Group of friends as Dora the Explorer Character
Valentina Zamora
So leading up to this moment… I was scrolling through Pinterest Sunday night and I came across some cute hairstyles. I wanted something different and fresh for the new semester. That’s when I found this picture along with the title 20 Types of Bangs to Flatter and Frame Your Face.

So, the next day I went online in search of a hair salon that could do justice to my dry ends, but in the end, I found myself at Sally’s Beauty to buy a pair of scissors to cut my hair. I, of course, went to dear old YouTube to first study what I must do in order not to screw up my hair. The best method I found was to section off in a sort of a triangle shape part of my hair in the front of my face, and with the scissors start working my way up to my desired length. Here is the video I used that goes more in-depth with the process.

When it was all said and done… I had bangs. Something I was nervous to do, but I did it! I haven’t felt so good about my self-confidence in such a while, and what I want to share with you all is that sometimes people will say things that will make you feel inferior, but like how Princess Diaries very own Joe quotes Eleanore Roosevelt to Princess Mia, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Do what makes you feel beautiful and happy. 

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Valentina Zamora


HCXO, Valentina

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